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  1. I remember doing the same in my first car, a little black Metro. In those days you often had to buy & fit your own 'car radio' (with extra special features like double sided cassette players) as a pretty standard thing. Aah, the good old days 😉 It was a shock when cars got CD players. Then they played those lovely mp3 files, 100s on 1 disc. And now they don't. That's progress for you, apparently. I still have a few old sentimental tapes stashed away, and a twin cassette player unit (somewhere in a cupboard).
  2. Thanks JW and others. Fingers crossed I'll get a USB stick to work or be able to get stuff onto a cheap smartphone and use Bluetooth. I think that it's me who's outdated!!! They don't exactly teach you these things though, just assume that you have and understand them. Not all of us do. Cassette tapes were a luxury when I started driving...
  3. Thanks. It's a 2018. My Fiesta is 2009, not yet officially 'upgraded', just paid for and trying to plan ahead.
  4. Um, thanks. I think.... Why do I want one? Because it's what I'm used to, how I've always done it ever since I've had all my music ripped to mp3 format or purchased by download as such, and stored on an mp3 player (clue in name?), and all that I understand!!! So you're saying that if I copy my mp3 file backups to a USB stick and plug it into the car's USB port it's that easy??? Wow. OK, great. Do I still get a shuffle function or selection of specific tracks, artists, albums, etc? (Used to doing this in the player itself, not controlled by car's system)?
  5. Sure that this is a chestnut, but I can't find a definitive answer on a search, sorry. Spent all last night Googling, with no positive answers. Car has 2 USB ports but no aux jack in (not even in glove box). 2018 model. MP3 player has jack out (analogue). Supposedly you can't just get a simple converter/adapter like the dealer said you could. Grrr.... No Bluetooth on MP3 player. Don't have a smartphone. So how do I listen to my own music??? Not even sure that the CD player plays MP3 format CDs (dealer hasn't a clue but some reports on the net say not). How blinking r
  6. Hi. Thinking very strongly about buying a 2 litre eb ST, probably on a 16 onwards plate (have seen 18s). Have sat in one, but not driven yet. Tell me about buying and living with one, please. Don't intend to modify it. Will be a rural car, probably not huge mileage but a few good A road trips possible. A functional car, not just for special occasions, but not used everyday. Any particular likes or dislikes, foibles, what fuels are best (petrol model), tyres (all season preferable), anything else I'd need to know? Buying wise, not seen any particular nasties noted, but anyth
  7. Thanks Mark. So it was a level sensor. I have looked in many owners' club sites, actually where I'm picking up reports of coolant losses, etc. Not necessarily the recall overheating issue but still just trying to get my head around it. Given the number of cars out there and the generally very good reports, it's probably nothing to worry about than with any other used car, I agree. I would love to keep mine, a cheaper option too even if I spent a bit on refurb/replace suspension, steering etc (67k miles), but it's just proving too underpowered for my local hilly, twisty roads, and whe
  8. Thanks. I know that the recall was for the 2013-14 engines, but I've read a fair bit about ongoing coolant system issues (leaks, tanks cracking, constant low levels) and them generally eating coolant (whether that means getting into oilways, bores or otherwise, because of warped heads or whatever). Really can't pin down exactly what the issues are, but there seem to be some ongoing, even if not the original recall overheating issue. Lines and tanks for peace of mind I could indeed replace. Head not so much. I understood that the 1.6 recall added in a coolant level sensor, but I
  9. Thanks everyone. I've decided that I don't feel confident enough about the 1.0 ecoboost, but will strongly consider the 1.6 ecoboosts, though I have some reservations about coolant loss and engine head warp/cracking still. What exactly were the issues, and have they actually been rectified or just a warning sensor added (and what does it warn of)? Is it realistically likely still to be an issue if it's driven 'reasonably' sensibly? Hearing a fair bit about coolant loss, pipes, tanks, etc going too - is this as worrying an issue as on the 3 cylinder models? Or maybe an older 1.6?
  10. 66 plate. Is that still mk7, or into 8? I thought 7 from the interior. ST3. If so, seen a fair few up here: I had to double check that they did indeed make a 5 door, but apparently they did for a year or so.
  11. You know what, I have absolutely no idea what the R stands for (reply, I think) - if, indeed, it wasn't the blinking auto spell correct again, and is wasn't even meant to be an R... Stiffness - yes, aware of reports of that. Guess that a test drive will tell. Our rural roads aren't too bad, considering (I ride an old-ish bike over them without too much cursing), don't do towns/cities much at all. (And I have a reasonably padded posterior.) It might have to be a compromise for handling. Hoping to look at a 5 door mk7 ST3 soon.
  12. Ah, silly me. RTFR! Calmness reigns again 🙂
  13. Less mechanical issues????!!!! (Goes into panic mode again 😉 )
  14. 140bhp on the 1.0 triple for the st line. It worries me too; I'm not used to these tiny complicated little things they make these days. Don't see how they can last like older ones did. Maybe they can't... Insurance hopefully isn't a major issue: not a spring chicken! (But with an ST better keep an eye out for those dratted cameras.)
  15. Thanks. Now just got to see what the post Lockdown summer buying panic's like, then!
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