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  1. Elsie

    Improving handling?

    Thanks everyone. At least I'm not the only one who's found this; and I'll try not to take too much insult, as my driving can always improve (albeit with many, many years on the road and some training in both car and motorcycling driving, plus having driven a fair few vehicles, I think that I do have some idea when things aren't to my liking, nor safe). Then again, being female...(sigh) Fundamentally, this car just doesn't inspire me with confidence at present. It's not so much grip, more precision of steering, ability to be put where directed and not to feel as if it's skitty and skipping around rather than on nice strong solid rails. I actually don't like stiff suspension; a bit of movement and roll and feel is preferable to me. What I also like is steering which has positively to be made to happen, slightly on the heavy side. (I like my bikes set up the same.) Anyhows, the basic message I'm getting is that there's no widely-known issue, nor solution, and that it may well be tyres or tracking. It does have a habit of wanting to stay in the centre of the road rather than the left, so that's perhaps tracking (it otherwise seems to steer straight per se); can't see any uneven wear on the tyres though, although they're pretty new I think. But round here it's not worth getting it sorted: first pothole and it'll be out again. For comparison, I'd love to say my old Metro: that cornered on 2 wheels and never gave a quiver! Realistically, as an example, the Fiesta doesn't even handle as well as a diesel 04 Skoda Estate on all seasons, or even on full winters ( depending on temperature). If that's meant to be the case, I shouldn't have bought a Fiesta! Brakes are fine, I think: it's again just how the car reacts when what's underneath is not so fine - which, unfortunately, is pretty much all the road surfaces. It's picking up all the join strips, cat's eyes and that kind of thing and being pulled off line. Worth playing with tyre pressures maybe? It is handling as if it's on overinflated tyres, though they are at handbook settings. Also handles noticeably better with a load of weight in the back (feels much more stuck to the road). Otherwise it'll be a new set of rubber. Any recommendations?
  2. Elsie

    Improving handling?

    Hi. I bought my Fiesta (1.2 09 Zetec) because they were reviewed as having very good handling. I live in an area with lots of steep and very tight cornered roads ( and bad road surfaces) so I need this. So far I am not impressed... Issues: a) on bad road surfaces ( badly patched, etc) it is blinking scary when I brake anywhere near hard, almost loses control, squirms and skips all over the place; b) I want the steering to feel much more responsive to driver input. It's too light, too easy, and I want to stiffen it up; c) it just doesn't handle well enough to give me confidence to throw it around the corners. Can't quite say why, just feel that I don't have safe control, braking and steering included ( so I guess that's really the first 2 above?) Any suggestions without going for major mods?Tyres may be an issue: just some unknown presumably cheapy make on at the moment. Not worn at all, but ideally I'd like 'all seasons' ( not in the warmest or dryest part of the UK) but 'summers' might be on the cards too. Is it worth upgrading shocks? Suggestions gratefully received. Cheers.
  3. Elsie

    Wing mirror glass changing - 09 Zetec

    Not sure that I have heated mirrors, unless they're automatic - can't see a switch ( but I'll check, thanks). There are definite flat glass replacements on EB and other Google-able sites: stick on fittings with or without backing plates. Some do say something about heating: maybe the backing plates? I guess stickiness is the main issue in non-oem parts? The fit already has a gap around on the OEMS. Got to do something, however, else I'll have scratches and scrapes all down the sides, if not taken out some unwary cyclist or biker. Improved blind spots my behind!
  4. Hi. Utterly hate the convex glass on my new Fiesta. Nice for driving, but can't get on with it at for reversing, parking and other close manoeuvres. Has been suggested that I can get normal flat glass replacements instead. Can I get off EBay or similar, and how easy is it to change over? Thanks.
  5. OK I feel really stoopid ( and I did search for past threads, honest) - but I tried to change the headlight bulbs today (1.2 Zetec 09 plate), and blow me if I can work out how. Going in through engine bay into headlight housing I can see a round rubber cap over the rear of the dip bulb - though looks like a bit of a squirm to get at it. But cannot figure at all how to get to side or high bulbs; and what about the indicators? Never had a Fiesta before, and I'm scratching my head. Any links or instructions, please? Anything else I should know re bulbs or fitting ( just got a full brighter bulbs kit for Xmas). Cheers.
  6. Thanks. Personally, I find quite a difference between summer and winter tyres ( and all seasons), used in the right conditions. It's not speed but how fast you need to attack the corners and how tight and steep they are; and how hard you might have to brake! Thanks for insurance info - having to get a new multicar policy, and they say it's OK. Any thoughts on the interior and exterior trims?
  7. HI all. Just bought my first Fiesta (not my first car or vehicle by any means), 1.25 Zetec 2009. Hope that these aren't too old chestnut questions (if so, can someone please point me in direction of links?). Firstly, I ideally need winter tyres where I live: aim to get some steels and have a 2nd set of wheels & tyres (but alloys will also do). Does anyone know offhand what wheels will fit and where I get them? (E Bay seems to say nothing listed does!) 15inch rims, alloys at present. Will any from a mk7 15" model fit or...? (Ideally for insurance, something at least off the same age, engine size etc would be best I guess). Secondarily, instead of the above, anyone know any good all-season tyres which I can put on and leave all year? Not exactly the sunny South where I live; more the soggy North. I want good grip and handling, mainly rural roads, some motorway or double carriageways. Thirdly, I'm somewhat a fan of black. The car's external paint is black, and it has black privacy glass and lovely black carpets, but it has chrome trims around the window bases and the inside is, well, a bluey grey dash with not totally black other bits and a shiny centre console surround and grab handles. Seen some lovely really black interiors on later (red) Fiestas and current-ish other Ford models. Any ideas as to how I make things blacker? Paint, dye, replacement trims etc off other models (and where?) Not into expensive customisation, but any cheap and easy cosmetic upgrades would be great. Finally, generally anything which I should check whilst it's under its couple of month post-purchase warranty? (OK, high speed handling probably not going to get too checked in current weather & road conditions!) It's recently had new belt and water pump, MOT, service. Seems to drive OK as far as I can so far tell, but never owned one before. Thanks in advance.
  8. Elsie

    Fiesta newbie

    Hi all. Just put deposit on my 'new' 2009 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. 2nd car as we've moved out into the rural twisty-roaded sticks, back hopefully to having my nice little black petrol car again (after a temporary blip in a silver diesel Skoda). See you on the lots of questions forums (though hopefully only positive ones!).