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  1. I replaced my bulbs a couple of days ago, Found removing the two screws and the push in fitting, then lifting the headlight up, twisting the rear towards the engine it come straight out. You do have to use some force though. Refitting the light was trickier, but as above once you get the knack of doing it its pretty straightforward.
  2. I will have to check. I'm guessing there will be a way to move it though. Or use the existing frame work and nuts to make a blanking plate? I'll try and get a picture this week
  3. Hopefully the steps they've taken may help. Then i think its still down to the owner to take extra precaution. Like you said tin/pouches are an easy step to take aswell as a lock to act as a deterrent. Shouldn't have to think like this but unfortunately its the way it seems to be now.
  4. Considering all the mk7 ST's going missing lately. I was wondering what ford have done if anything to improve security on the new Mk8 fiestas? My mum has just taken delivery of her new st line (Great car by the way and has tempted me back to a fiesta after swapping to a focus last year). I noticed the obd port has been moved down below the change cubby hole and now sits in a metal frame with a plastic cap over it. Wonder if there has been any other changes that anyone knows of? It's shocking how many cars are being stolen and the length the scum will go to get them. I personally try and take as many precautions as i can!
  5. Been out to check again and the message has now cleared, will keep an eye on it for the next couple of days
  6. I beleive it was done just before I received the car due to it being a factory order and then picking it up not long after it arrived at the dealers..what did you have to do to reset the message?
  7. Without going outside to check. On the centre display in the middle of the speedo cluster and orange info box popped up with something along the lines of service required/due
  8. Hi all, driving my car today (Ford Focus 1.5 st line x) when a message letting me know a service is due. The cars only done 2999 miles so wasn't expecting anything until a lot further down the line. I know ranger rovers have a 3000mile service but I've never experienced this with fords before? Any advice would be great
  9. I have the st line x 182 and I'm pretty happy with the performance as standard. Glad I didn't go for the 150. Had the 1.0L 140 in a fiesta so didn't fancy only Extra 10bhp in the bigger car. Havent acctually seen anymore of the st line x's on the roads near me, so it seems to be pretty rare at the moment
  10. Pictures as requested mark. any update on when you will be receiving yours? had the car a few weeks now and still really enjoying it, really nice car to be in when driving
  11. Gave it a wash today ready for tommorow to add the paint, glass and wheel protection (garaged overnight). Also swapped the standard headlight bulbs to some Philips whitevision ones. The Standard bulbs weren't terrible but there defo are whiter in appearance so I'm happy :)
  12. Yeah I did think on the way home about that 😂
  13. Oh and incase anyone is wondering about the spare wheel, mine came with a steel min use one. Which I would personally take over a tyre inflation kit any day
  14. Just got back from the dealers. they are the st line x mats, however they don't fit due to the factory fitting left hand drive ones 🙈. So my salesman is ordering the correct set in yet again can't fault the service I've received from the dealers
  15. Spoke with my salesman today and I'm popping over the dealers in the morning to hopefully resolve the issue. I don't think I'll have to argue the point as the dealer has always been great to deal with. Even got a full tank of fuel when I picked the car up as a thanks for purchasing another car with them.