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  1. I've had a couple of coolant issues with my old 52 plate petrol Focus (which I no longer have) the first was a cracked water pump housing. Simply fixed cheaply, the second leak was much more serious about 18 months later, although I didn't get it looked at, I think it came from the water pump itself, as the coolant was disappearing at an alarming rate. I sold her on. As for the chocolate coloured coolant, that is a huge red flag. Seems like oil is getting in there. I hope someone with more knowledge and experience than me can help you out mate.
  2. That takes me back. It's one of those, I like it but I don't if you know what I mean 🤣
  3. I've loved cars from a very young age, and the ICE has been one of the very reasons why. It will be a very sad day when the rumble of a V8 is heard for the last time. I can remember being in a class at high school 1982, and we were discussing the cars of the future, and the teacher said that they will all be electric one day, and I'll never forget one of my friends saying, "I hope I'll be gone by then" 😂 Nothing can compare to the thrill of the sound and power of a great engine. I've had the pleasure of driving a couple of Ferrari's in my time on a track day, older ones, the 355 and 348, and more recently a Nissan GT-R in the early March just before Covid hit. It's just something else that electric cars can't achieve. Yes, they're capable of fantastic acceleration, but it's not the same. Just my thoughts and opinion.
  4. It's probably been covered before, but I really hate people that don't indicate at a roundabout. You're sitting there waiting to go, and people who you think are going straight on are actually turning left, but you don't know because they are too damn selfish to care about anyone but themselves. Really boils my p*ss 😂
  5. Wow, this thread is over four years old. I've just ordered four of these for mine, as the ones on it are looking tatty. I used a very small flat head screwdriver to pop one out in no time at all, just lift one side a bit, then move to the other side and it came right out with zero damage (not that I was bothered as they are being replaced) the number inside the cap corresponds with what I've ordered, so they should fit right? 6M21-1003-AA, 17" wheel. Thanks guys, as always Steve
  6. Hey guys, Almost two months into owning this car, and I know that it had someone who put a private plate on it beforehand, but I wasn't aware of the rim change. I don't mind them, but what did it come with originally? Any help appreciated. Cheers Steve
  7. Heater matrix would be another potential cause maybe, although I've never experienced water in any of my Ford cars, touch wood. I'm just putting it out there mate.
  8. I don't like the fact that I can't mess with my car anymore. I've had a 68 Escort, a 76 Escort, and you could fix them yourself to a certain extent. I was 17 and taking my carb apart to remove dirt from the float. I'm not a mechanic, but certain stuff was easy back in the day.
  9. Where I am it's 1.39 and 1.42 respectively.
  10. I let my 19 year old go because it wasn't worth it anymore. Cut your losses mate and get another car.
  11. Hi guys, Timing belt, tensioner and water pump were changed yesterday. Peace of mind now, happy days. Cheers 😁
  12. Yeah, I don't like that. I'm leaving when it's dark all the time now, but still light when I get home right now, but it won't be long until I'm coming home in the dark also. After that, comes frost and snow, and that isn't fun 😂.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, I'm going to get it done. Just need to sort out a suitable time and date with my mechanic.
  14. Hi guys, Just seeking some advice. As you may have or may not have seen, I bought an 11 plate car about 3 weeks ago and it's been faultless so far, touch wood lol. It's got some service history, but it stops at 36,000 miles. There is no evidence of a timing belt change, and that is my concern. The car currently has 53,700 miles on it. Now does it need one? I prefer to er on the side of caution and just get it done, but I've heard they are good for 80k? My old 19 year old Focus had a new one around 84k I think it was, and was at 128k when I let her go. Is it 80k or ten years? She's ten years old. Thanks in advance guys. Steve.
  15. Hi guys, it's been a while since I have posted, and if this needs to go elsewhere, I'm sorry. I have recently sold my 19 year old Focus Mk 1.5 due to it coming to the end of it's life, and unfortunately it was time. The interior was still absolutely perfect, but the frame of the car was costing a fortune to keep roadworthy every MOT. I might have persisted with it, had it not developed a water leak several weeks ago. My last water leak with this car was due to a cracked water pump housing which wasn't a costly fix, this one however, was different. I found that the water looked as though it was coming from one of the engine pulleys, which if the case wouldn't be a cheap fix. I'd fill the coolant to max, then after only 5 miles it is minimum or even below. I was carrying 4 litres of water around with me for short trips. I have since bought a nice 2011 plate 1.6 Zetec Focus with just 53k on it. Lovely car, and will hopefully give me many years of enjoyment. As I said, if this post is in the wrong place, I apologise. Thanks for reading. Steve.
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