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    Yeah Zain, it's ruined. If a car could talk, "what the hell have you done to me?"

    Reminds me of some of the boy racers 30 years ago who thought that their Escorts looked good like this lol.
  3. Stuck For Idea's Help?...

    All black looks fantastic. Get the chrome done and it would look awesome, especially the grille.
  4. body coloured oval badges

    I can't think of a good colour combo for mine. Expensive for what they are though.
  5. noise from front nearside wheel

    Check the ball joint too. I had one fail once whilst driving. Fortunately it was very low speed.
  6. HELP

    My Focus 1.6 is at 114000 and runs and drives perfectly, although fuel economy isn't great. I suppose it depends on what you prefer and can, cannot afford. Before this car I had a 51 plate Fiat Punto 1.9 diesel, and whilst it was much better on fuel than my Focus, it was a tin can in comparison. For it's age the Focus is superb to drive and just to be in. It's a much nicer environment all round. It's worth the extra fuel cost for me.
  7. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    As Peter has said regarding the speedo, that will likely be the sensor on the gearbox, needs replacing.
  8. Rear light crack

    It can't hurt to give it a go, there are good all weather sealants out there. Worth a try first.
  9. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Glad you got it sorted.
  10. Ford Focus 2001 Clutch Problems

    I feel for the guy though, all that effort to have to do it all again.
  11. Ford Focus 2001 Clutch Problems

    Indeed hats off, I wouldn't have tried it and I have always messed around with my older cars mechanically, but never a new clutch.
  12. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Hi mapex. Only movement of some sort could cause this. What I mean is, something in the mechanism or the latch has moved just enough to stop it from engaging. That's where I'd be looking. Having said that, it sounds like your car had badly fitting doors from the start.
  13. Cheap and cheerful or not?

    I loved my Mk1 and 2 Escorts, and although basic, they were great to drive. They fetch good money nowadays too.
  14. Cheap and cheerful or not?

    I know you weren't having a go mate, that didn't enter my head lol, I'm just saying there are some decent older cars out there that can serve you well.
  15. Cheap and cheerful or not?

    You can grab an absolute bargain though, cheap cars aren't always on their last legs, the Tipo I had is testament to that. My current car is very nice, I have had to pay out for a couple of cheap fixes, but the car runs and drives without fault, and the interior is immaculate. Cheap motoring doesn't mean you have to run around in an old jalopy.