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  1. Dont suppose you have the part number for the MK4 TPMS as need to get hold of some for a set of winter wheels I am sorting out for the end of this year. I cant seem to find any info about them.
  2. The dreamscience Stratagem iMap-E6 is quite handy, I have it for my ST you have the choice of 3 maps 300, 315 and 330bhp (the last 2 require the use of 99 octane fuel). I use the 315 and it does me fine but have the option to up it or lower it if needed.
  3. Apple CarPlay will use Siri exclusively and just because your using Google Maps wont make any difference.
  4. Not tried to be honest, I know you can on Google Maps in CarPlay.
  5. I use Apple Music and it works fine for me
  6. I have not had any major issues with carplay it is sometimes a little flaky depending on when I plug my phone in during the car start up process and it gets a little confused but does sort itself quick enough. The only annoyance I have is that the audio source is automatically changed when using Waze to the phone rather than keeping it on DAB or whatever was previously selected, dont think that is an apple issue more a Waze issue.
  7. I think it is only on 1 side, I know it is on my old MK3 PFL and I am sure it is on my current MK4 ST.
  8. I was the same, didnt even spend anything on the lead as stole it from the wife 😂
  9. The way my other half sometimes swings the door open they would be useful HAHA
  10. The ST does not come with the door protectors but does have the (wide) rear view camera.
  11. If I recall my dealer set it up for me in advance of me collecting mine.
  12. Looking at that it doesnt show the ST-Line and not the ST. The latest brochure on Fords site shows that it is (still) not an option for the ST.
  13. The Convenience pack is not an available option on the ST, not sure if you can buy the kit separately and fit it as when I open the door on my ST I can see the blanked off holes as to where it would go. I am fairly sure you could for the MK3 / 3.5.