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  1. Hi, This has probably been reported already but I could not see it but I just tried the link in a couple of different ways and it does not work I just get the below (https://www.fordownersclub.com/insurance/) Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  2. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    Well just a further update, the issue came back a few hours after my last post about this but did not have anytime to do anything about it till Friday due to work. On Friday I went out again with the laptop and hooked it up to the car and did every test of every module on the car and they all passed fine. So at a loss of what to do and facing spending a minimum of £75 with Ford to do tests I decided to try the PCM Reset All Adaptations option. Well it worked a treat and has been fine everyday since as I am making sure I take it out every day for a little(ish) drive. Not sure what happened to the car but can only guess it was the combination of the battery being replaced after being on its way out for a while the doing the remap on the same day it just had enough a couple of weeks later, really in the dark. If all is well again once I finish my next set of shift I may well put the map back on and see what happens. I am in two minds as to whether I should contact Superchips about this as well?
  3. Surging and uneven revs after timing belt change

    I have been getting this issue that started Saturday / Sunday, I have not had a service done or anything since I changed the battery and added a remap a couple of weeks ago (map has been removed just incase). Today I hooked the car up for Forscan and it had some DTC codes relating to loss of communication to (I think) the Body Control Module which I clear and all started went back to normal. Later on I went out again and the problem returned, I was unable to hook the car back up again as had to get ready for my night shift at work so cant really look again till Friday. I dont have the same engine as you though, I have the 1.0 (125) EcoBosst engine in a 2012 model.
  4. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    Well what a morning, took all the induction hoses off as well as the recirc valve and checked the vacuum hoses which all checked out fine. So put it all back together and went for a drive, as expected no change at all. So get home wondering what to do next and see that the post has been in my absence and I find the ELM cable I ordered has been delivered. So off to the car laptop and cable in hand, hooked it all up and saw a few DTC codes in various modules saying Lost connection to (i think) Body Control Module. Well decided to clear all the codes and see if any reappear which they didn't. So took the car out again and low an behold problem fixed, fuel usage back to normal lumpy running has now gone and fingers crossed whilst touching wood back to normal. Gonna leave the super chip map off for a while just to make sure all is well and then try it again as not sure what caused the issue in the first place. The only things I have really done to the car is K&N filter, Superchips map and a battery change, just not sure why it took a couple of weeks for this to happen after I done all those things? Going to keep a close eye on things now, think it might be worth doing a weekly scan on the car just to keep a check on things.
  5. Swapping to alloys (size help)

    My MK3 is 205/55/16 which I think is standard on the 1.0 ecoboost engines and 215/55/16 on the rest. Pretty sure I remember that from the manual as did double check my sizes.
  6. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    Hoping to take a look at the hoses and recirc valve Wednesday, does anyone have a picture of diagram to show the route of the vac hoses? I have a feeling that there will be a lot of stabbing in the dark otherwise
  7. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    Hope so, would like an easy fix. Tryed to work out if the pipes were ok but when the engine is hot that proves an issue!! By the time it cooled there was a fair amount of hail in the air along with the rain!! Unfortunately not will have to sort myself out a lead and the software. I know there is a ‘recommended’ lead to get will have to trawl for the link. At work from tomorrow on shift for 2 days and 2 nights so will have to get bits sorted out for the weekend.
  8. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    Ok so took the map off and the start/stop light is now off but the engine is still not right, still lumpy, when idling the Rev needle is bobbing up and down for a fair few seconds. Also can hear a whistling noise when applying full throttle and then the lift off pffftttt noise. Is this to do with the recirculation valve? Just a guess but heard they ain’t the best in the world.
  9. Lack of power and higher than normal fuel use.

    Just driven back home and still the same. Also noticed this it is running very lumpy as well. Just now hooked it back up to the bluefin and it states no DTC codes, so I am returning the ECU back to original as see what happens.
  10. Hi all. Just out at the moment and have noticed the start/stop off light is on even though I didn’t press it. Also noticed an increase in my fuel usage along with a drop in power and when giving it the beans getting a lot of smoke from the exhaust. Not code a code reader at all but when I used the ‘secret’ menu it did not show any DTC codes. Not sure if this is part of it but can really hear a loud ‘dump valve’ sound when I rev hard when the car is stationary. Recently put a Superchips map on but that was a couple of weeks ago and this I think started last night on my way home as notice the stop start light was on then. Any ideas? I have a 2012 1.0 eco boost (125) Titanium.
  11. Electric Window Reset After Battery Change

    All sorted, took 3 attempts over both windows, phew
  12. Difference Between DAB1 & DAB2?

    I found this post quite helpful when I was trying to tune my DAB, the link at the bottom of the post is handy for finding out what station is on what channel block. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/66302-dab-radio/?do=findComment&comment=447990
  13. Electric Window Reset After Battery Change

    Hopefully it does not take too long tomorrow, thanks for the help.
  14. Electric Window Reset After Battery Change

    Luckily off work till Friday, hopefully will get them sorted by then. Do I have to do it on the door controls for each window or can I do them all via the drivers door controls?
  15. Electric Window Reset After Battery Change

    Hi, I will try again tomorrow, got a bit fed up of watching a window go up and down! Yes you can re-install the original settings, I have not tried yet and not sure that I will to be honest but only used it for about 20 miles so far. I have the 1ltr Ecoboost (125ps) which should now be producing about 154hp and 247nm of torque, and it does make a difference. Also Superchips are doing 15% off at the moment so made it even better!!