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  1. I was the same, didnt even spend anything on the lead as stole it from the wife 😂
  2. The way my other half sometimes swings the door open they would be useful HAHA
  3. The ST does not come with the door protectors but does have the (wide) rear view camera.
  4. If I recall my dealer set it up for me in advance of me collecting mine.
  5. Looking at that it doesnt show the ST-Line and not the ST. The latest brochure on Fords site shows that it is (still) not an option for the ST.
  6. The Convenience pack is not an available option on the ST, not sure if you can buy the kit separately and fit it as when I open the door on my ST I can see the blanked off holes as to where it would go. I am fairly sure you could for the MK3 / 3.5.
  7. Think this is it... PNC Part code Title Quantity Modifications information 15520 Switch Assy - Reversing Lamp from 03.01.2011, Focus 2011- 15520 1805255 Switch Assy - Reversing Lamp 1.00 from 03.01.2011, Focus 2011-
  8. Update: I have checked again this morning and the Sync Update site now recognised my VIN and I can properly check for updates, the car is up to date as thought. Looks like the site updated on the 1 month anniversary of me picking up the car.
  9. Sure I saw my instant mpg read in the late 2's for a brief second
  10. No problem, I forgot that I had posted it 😂 Shift work is a memory killer!
  11. Yes I have done that and it is at the current version. Sync 3.3.19052 F8 maps (EU-0010) Gracenotes
  12. Just checked mine and still not there, will check it out at a later date and have a word with Ford if it is not sorted out.
  13. I did check my car and it is at the latest version so I am not too worried at the moment.
  14. I reckon the site just needs to update, maybe a monthly thing?? Would be great if you could update with what they say 👍