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  1. MK4 only gets the sunglasses holder with the pano roof (well for the ST at least) and as much as I will miss that about my MK3 I was not paying £1000 for it!!
  2. The bit that I thought was similar to your issue was this... "Turns out it that there's a junction box inside the door which should be held in place with a rubber fitting - they replaced the fitting and all is OK now."
  3. This post in this thread maybe of help to you, knew I saw something about this recently...
  4. Hopefully this link will help you out...,2.21224,4.49858/0/1770/16398/71528/
  5. Took me a while but remembered that Airtec do a upgraded intercooler for the 1.0 ecoboost Mk3 As it says on the page... Removal of Ford Grill shutters is required, simply un-bolt and re-fit loom to AIRTEC bracket supplied
  6. Thanks for the advise, it came in handy for me as I had the recall done today. Superchips were very helpful and had no issues with sorting out the servers for my unit. All went well, thankfully, and to my surprise the clutch peddle felt firmer and as you said after putting the new map on it does seem to drive better!
  7. Hi All, Was just checking out an AC issue that I was having and came across something that did not look right with the hose that comes out of the bottom right hand corner of the expansion tank. There is a hose clip about 6-8 inches away from the expansion tank that does not clip in to anything else and upon further tracing there is one that should be attached to this hose near the rad but isnt. It looks like the hose has been routed incorrectly as I think it should go below the rad top hose but it is going above it. See pics which will hopefully explain what I mean. This is a 12 plate 1.0 ecoboost (125), Any ideas?? Thank in advance.
  8. Hopefully this is a final update to say that I took a punt and got a new hego (O2) sensor for the car and since I swapped it out I have done around 4-500 miles with no further occurrences. The old sensor looked in a bit of a state so glad I did it and the car is back to normal. Thanks for the assist
  9. I have popped it on my google drive as well if it doesn't work....
  10. I did have a good check of all the pipes a couple of weeks ago when this issue first happened, which i incorrectly cleared the codes before checking with the engine running. All the pipes are in good order with no visible issues. After I did the PCM Reset All Adaptations I luckily had the Short term Fuel trim still selected and was hovering in the single figure range, with the odd blip to a max of 11%. The only thing I did not check was how the K&N was seated since instalation but I thought that as the car runs normally for 2 weeks then the issue happens then I is likely a sensor issue of some sort, not sure if something has gone a bit haywire when I changed the battery 4 weeks ago now and takes 2 weeks to manifest itself. Really clutching at straws now! Also coincidental that it happened the both times when I got to half a tank! Probably too coincidental that one haha
  11. It’s a very handy site that one just been having a good hunt round it.
  12. Hopefully this will work for you.
  13. Using forscan. I can link the stream save file if needed.
  14. Is it the EQRAT11_CMD & EQ_RAT11 pid if so then EQRAT11_CMD - Idling was 14.640 and Reving was 29.280 EQ_RAT11 - Idling was hovering at 14.4 and Reving was 29.280 (This was the only other Bank 1 Sensor 1 i had) Also did O2S11_IMPED at idle 1.00Volt and reving stayed at 1.00 with the odd 1.01Volt. I have also saved the stream log file if that is any help.