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  1. My MK7 Fiesta

    Been plodding along with Fiesta letting everything settle in, got my intercooler fitted Saturday which looks awesome, just need a clear grille to see the cooler clearly: Fitted my rear indicators and reverse lights from auto beam and they are extremely bright! new sunstrip should be here this week at some point, also got a turbo hard pipe coming aswell.
  2. My MK7 Fiesta

    Quick update; Hopefully getting the stage 2 intercooler fitted this weekend, weather permitting. New sunstrip on the way this week: Also, got new Autobeam Side light, indicator and reverse lights coming too. Will upload photos on each update. ---- After this will potentially be a Revo Stage 2 remap.
  3. My MK7 Fiesta

    Cheers was worth the two week wait!
  4. My MK7 Fiesta

    The guy I swapped bonnets with removed his thinking I didn't have them on. I've got a new set coming to re do them.
  5. My MK7 Fiesta

    Thanks to @Loftie12 for the guide. Headlight Eyebrows:
  6. My MK7 Fiesta

    Does anyone know the best way to tint rear lights? Found a guy on Facebook but they’re located in Wales!
  7. My MK7 Fiesta

    Yeah not sure whats really left to get before heading towards the remap after the intercooler.
  8. My MK7 Fiesta

    Update; Bought a Stage 2 Intercooler which has just arrived, Eyebrows have also arrived. After a few more parts, I should be ready for a Revo remap.
  9. My MK7 Fiesta

    Yeah, I was with Hastings until I told them about the mods, they declined any car mods.. so I’ve changed over to Adrian Flux.. only paying an extra £200 a year for all the mods I’ve currently got, which is well over £500+ in mods so far.
  10. My MK7 Fiesta

    Yeah, and it was free. Swapped bonnets with a guy off the MK7.5 parts page, even better. will stop upgrading for a month or so to build up some money, will be back soon!
  11. My MK7 Fiesta

    Update. new rear sticker: New bonnet with vents:
  12. My MK7 Fiesta

    Found the Diffuser.. http://www.european-parts.net/product_info.php?language=en&info=p1488_heckdiffusor-fiesta-mk7-5-st.html&=&XTCsid=uindqtgbiugu0ikd47flqp49e6
  13. My MK7 Fiesta

    I'll remember that thanks. -- Update, removed all front windscreen and rear windscreen stickers, will be back at NKE to get them done properly.
  14. My MK7 Fiesta

    Hmm il hang fire on the diffuser for now!
  15. My MK7 Fiesta

    The guy at NKE said I Could get the diffuser and have no issues with the exhaust?