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  1. The ST is in for its first ever MOT currently, so just waiting for the results but sat with some nice views here..
  2. Haven't really been active of late as I'm saving for florida and the tragic event in stevenage was horrifying being there to witness it, so I'm enjoying what I have for now, the mpg is building up eventually, up to 30.1 now😂 Cleaned her this weekend for sidewaysuk in Cambridge :
  3. Use self tappers and it'll be off quicker than you can say the word splitter haha. But if you get one, get a professional to drill holes in the bumper and properly nut and bolt it in, atlwast 10 nut and bolts.
  4. The splitter has hit a squirrel that ran out on me at 60mph and then a large chunk of wood fell from a bridge on the motorway and hit it straight on.. Glad I got the splitter second hand now!
  5. Got spotted the other day at a meet but yes sadly the splitter has seen better days...
  6. D I sent purchase the product zain said about, but instead got some simoniz glass cleaner and does the job.
  7. Will all the rain lately, haven't had an issue, never used it, it's just weird not to have the option there to use it but slowly getting used to it now.
  8. Hammered my current brakes into the ground with the new map and heavy breaking.. So ordered some new brakes from EBC, premium standard disc and greenstuff pads for front and rear. Amazingly coming tomorrow after ordering yesterday, and will be done this weekend. Also got a nice shot of the car at work the other day :
  9. Videos are here.. Sat idling with full rev range : https://youtu.be/kySpsoa1u8A Couple of pulls through 2nd and 3rd: https://youtu.be/FfIoPeiNilg https://youtu.be/BDSPbIxJkqs
  10. Sorry guys, just having far too much fun in the car now, the noise, how it pulls through the gears, it's fantastic, It's like a different car all together. Although sadly been through 120 miles of petrol in about 40 miles 😂 just can't get over how fast it pulls 2nd to 3rd and already doing 80 in a few seconds! Seeing 4.7mpg when you pull hard in second is sickening haha. I know I've got a crackle map but had a few pops earlier shifting from 2nd to 3rd and high end revs at 2nd, sounded awesome!
  11. The cars mapped to maxd stage 1r with crackle, and sounds even better! I haven't driven the car since as I'm shattered, and up early tomorrow, but videos will be posted soon!
  12. The cars back with the Milltek fitted and sounds fantastic, nice and quiet just cruising, but when you floor it, having that gorgeous raspy Milltek sound is great. Will get videos after work. Also had two powerflex exhaust mounts fitted to the back box to avoid it hitting the diffuser, and the garage found a couple of bodged bolts on the cat, which have been replaced, great work from scc. Excuse the filthy car:
  13. Car was dropped off this morning and will be collected at 1,also received my map files and got them ready to install when I'm home. Videos to follow....
  14. Got my map files back! Dropping the car off before work to fit exhaust and picking it up on lunch, coming home and mapping my car to stage 1r with overrun.. Will be a busy day with plenty to post this weekend!