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  1. Spark plug fell into well

    Thanks both for replying. Yes its just stuck in the 'well' (sorry if that's the wrong terminology), just under the hole where the ht lead goes in. I've tried using things like a flathead s/d and it did come vertical but unable to get it out. Turns out the spark plug has snapped anyway so just asking the mechanic i use to take it. Threaded part must still be stuck in the engine, so in theory all it should do is still misfire. Again thanks for getting back to me! Cheers
  2. Hi all, Hoping for any help. Wifes 1.4 petrol fiesta zetec (52 plate) has been juddering intermittently for a while and yesterday it brought the EML light up and now judders consistently on load. Eml = misfire on cyl4. Long story short, took spark plug off number 4 (to check 1st) and cleaned spark plug and was trying to put it back in just to see what happened. Idiot me, spark didnt fall into place so has now dropped into the well. Im really struggling to get this out. Any advice? Thank you Ben