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  1. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    I've had the same thing on 3 of my doors on my 62 Eco Boost over the past eighteen months or so. It got so bad that the rubber strips were almost dragging on the road or sticking out at right angles to the door! Ford (Keith Motors - Ringwood, Christchurch, Verwood who sold me the car) just weren't interested and said emphatically that it wasn't their responsibility and that it would cost £100 per door to replace the rubbers. They would charge £40 per door to try to reglue them - but they couldn't guarantee success! (NB- Keith Motors will take your money very happily but then you're on your own!) I tried a couple of adhesives which didn't work, but found that by far the best is 'Evo Stick Multi Purpose Impact Instant Contact Adhesive'. A couple of quid from Screwfix, and my god it's powerful stuff! Tip - get a small paint brush as the spreader supplied is worse than useless on a narrow strip. Just quickly clean off the old rubbers and door with spirits, (you don't need to totally removed the old adhesive), paint the strip lightly with adhesive on both surfaces, leave for ten minutes (which feels so wrong, but trust me it works!) and then push together. But make sure you get it right first time as it sticks like ****! So far no problems and its been through 31 degrees in Spain and -2 in the UK, rain and shine. Shame on Ford for ignoring this very common problem. (ps my son's 60 Fiesta is also having the same problem.)