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  1. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    Thanks for that. Worked a treat!
  2. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    Anyway, ended up buying the first one I saw! 2011 160bhp in grey. Over the moon with it so far. Only niggle I managed to find was the passenger side window didn't one-shot open or close, and didn't close with global closure either although it does open. Strange, but hardly a deal breaker. May look into sortring this if it's an easy fix but see how it goes. Body is tidy with very little in the way of scratches etc as Is the interior. I was actually quite shocked at the all round level of refinement. The wife will hopefully get used to the size of it quickly, fair bit bigger than a B6 A4 estate.
  3. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    Thanks for that, to be honest I'd be happy with 40mpg as a minimum (perticulatly for 200bhp). Currently we have a B6 A4 1.9tdi which does just under 45mpg, more on a run. I do quite like the fact that a tank full can last up to 3 weeks!! I think I may expand search to a Sport as I really do like having HID lamps , until you've actually driven a car with good lighting you don't realise the difference it makes. I've seen a 2.0 TIT X which I may go and see Thursday so see how it goes with that. Thanks
  4. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    Thanks for that. I did subsequently notice that the sport model had the jets in the bumper so figured that was probably the case. Shame the sport model mainly comes with the 2.2l which is renowned for being thirsty. For me, if it's gonna be a diesel, it's got to be economical.
  5. Newbie

    Hi guys, new here looking at getting a Mondeo estate shortly
  6. Hi guys, first post here! Looking at getting a facelift MK4 Titanium X 2.0 Tdci, planning on looking at a few in the next week or two. Is there anything I should be looking out for as a starting point as for common, endive to repair faults? How do you find them from a reliability point of view? Anyone know if the Titanium X comes with xenon's as standard? I thought they did but noticed a couple I've been looking at don't have the washers in the bumper. I had a Focus ST back in 2006 and the headlights were awesome, that's the only reason for asking! Cheers for any help Huw.