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  1. No unfortunately not, they were pretty ***** to be honest. They simply said the catalytic converter was excessively damaged. I technically still don't know where the rattle is coming from. I had narrowed it down to the following (in likely order): Exhaust hanger loose and exhaust is rattling against something. (Probably not since it would rattle the whole time and not only at 2,000rpm). Heat shield is loose and is rattling against the exhaust. (Probably not since it would rattle the whole time and not only at 2,000rpm). Something is loose inside the catalytic converter which only rattles at 2,000rpm.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I will probably follow the advice of @TomsFocus and wait until its blowing or fails its MOT emissions test in Nov. If neither happens, the rattle may return but I can probably live with that until the cat gives out.
  3. Hi all, For a while now I have been getting a rattle coming from what seems like underneath the vehicle when accelerating. The rattle only happens at 2k rpm. My initial guesses were something to do with the exhaust hanging loose or one of the heat shields coming off. Today I took it to Halfrauds for a free exhaust and catalytic converter check where they said the catalytic converter needed renewing, quoting £570. Furthermore, on the drive home the rattle seemed to disappear, probably as they poked at and shook the exhaust a bit. Do you guys reckon the catalytic converter is the problem and can cause the rattle as described above? Also, do you think the quote is reasonable? I thought it seemed quite high... Thanks in advance.
  4. Got my latest renewal through: Admiral £947 (up £120 from the previous year). After looking on some comparison website (and other insurers not on comparison websites) I will be going with Esure at £720. I am aware Esure's customer service can be worse than non-existent, but it saves me over £200!
  5. TPFT? Live in the city or countryside? Not as busy roads? Safer area? Fewer thefts? There's loads that can affect it, but I definitely wish I could pay that little for a '17 ST! 😃
  6. I did solve it Simon, but it appeared it was my stupidity! The hot air that was blowing out the vents was because the cabin temperature was lower than the set temperature of the climate control. For example, if the climate control is set at 17c and the cabin temperature is 15c, it will continue to blow hot air out of the vents until the cabin temperature reaches 17c. It appears this is normal operation for climate control, and since this is my first car with climate control, it confused me at first. Does yours blow cold when set to "LO"? A good test to make sure it is working is set it to a hot temperature such as 23c and let the car heat up. Then set the temperature at a value it was previously blowing hot air out of the vents, say 17c, and see if the vents blow cold. They should. Hope this helps!
  7. BMW 120d or 125d? I know, don't all hate me for suggesting a beemer here!! 😐
  8. IMO the turbo would need replacing. The rust looks too have cut quite deep into the pipe. If it were a small amount of speckled surface rust then you could wirebrush/sand the surface and apply VHT paint in order to seal it. I can't see quite how bad the damage is, but if the rust is nearly the whole way through the pipe sidewall then you should refrain from driving it.
  9. This I am probably going to do. Like you said, I lose nothing if it doesn't work. Do you guys think if I glued some sort of plastic dowelling (same colour) it would hold? I'll probably try this first and then if it doesn't work or isn't sturdy enough I will try nut and bolting it. Thanks again guys.
  10. I have no idea how it happened.... Came back from the airport to find it like that and the peg that had broken off nowhere to be seen! lol Okay, that doesn't seem too bad I will try that myself. I am struggling to find the part for a 2015 Fiesta anywhere though...
  11. Hi all, Been away for some time and since coming back from holidays I have found that one of the parcel shelf pegs (driver's side) has snapped. Unfortunately, the peg and the plastic boot trim seem to be one moulded piece. Am I correct saying this? If so, how easy is this piece to replace? And how would I go about doing it? TIA
  12. Amazing, thank you Tom! 😄
  13. Does anyone know what the part pictured below is called, or what the part number is? I bought the car in October and only just noticed its missing. Shows how often I have people in the back of my car. (Not my door, image used for illustrative purposes only).
  14. WOW! That looks amazing in white, good choice Alex! I bet you're itching to get it on your driveway now! 😄