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  1. Stolen or Fell off?

    I found many a variety of that part, but unfortunately it doesn't fit the Mk7.5 ST-Line.
  2. Stolen or Fell off?

    From the next MK7.5 you see parked? But in all seriousness, I doubt it was stolen. Its not a valuable part. Maybe they really liked your pinstriping! For replacing it, after some unsuccessful google searching, your best bet would be a breakers yard.
  3. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    I get the feeling (because there is snow on the ground) that they parked like that when it was covered and had no idea where the lines were. If not they are a tool.
  4. Used ST2 or a Used ST3.. HELP!!

    It can be a problem but there are very simple ways to solve it. See post below:
  5. FORScan

    Thanks guys, I think I'm gonna use my laptop for now. @Stoney871 I have an old Amazon Fire tablet that I have been meaning to do something with. I might try to put a version of Windows on it, cos that does seem easier than using a laptop.
  6. FORScan

    When you guys use FORScan, do you use the mobile app or connect using a laptop? I am going to download the software, but can't decide whether I should buy the £4.99 FORScan iOS app.
  7. Wow, I didn't know either. Would they really be able to do a full vehicle service out of a Ford Transit?
  8. Used ST2 or a Used ST3.. HELP!!

    ST-3 definitely. Being a new(ish) car at 14k miles, all the little niggles and bugs may not have been found. At least with the 30k Fiesta it has had a good run and the main servicing parts will have likely been changed. In terms of the optional extras, my Fiesta has climate control and keyless entry, and I have to say, it is well worth it. Never take my key out of my pocket. I'll say what I have said to other people in the same situation. If you bought the ST-2, would you be forever wishing you had bought the ST-3 instead?
  9. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    I personally prefer using a trolley jack + axle stands, but that is just my opinion. If you are going to do your own maintenance I would advise getting one of these: https://haynes.com/en-gb/ford-fiesta-petrol-diesel-13-17-62-17-haynes-repair-manual
  10. Where's my oil??

    I am surprised that your engine is still running!! The oil capacity should be 3.8L, so adding 3L without having drained it should be impossible. Couple of questions: Is your car on flat ground? Is it automatic? What viscosity oil are you using? Should be 5W-30 I believe.
  11. Things I Don't Like

    I more meant in terms of the weather. Since this year it has been particularly snowy, if you tried to take your custom elsewhere they would charge you an arm and a leg to get insurance during the snow. Right?
  12. Things I Don't Like

    That car insurance rise is ridiculous!! Do you think its because of the time of year? Or just because they can...? I had Three on the phone one day telling me that my 7 year old phone contract was soon to be discontinued and that I would have to upgrade... I didn't let them hang up until I got a deal where I was paying the same as before with the same benefits as before! Was a struggle though! I guess its not so easy with energy companies.
  13. What the hell is it here with some snow

    Thats actually really good to know, thanks! You did a calculation or a very committed experiment?
  14. What the hell is it here with some snow

    Mine is similar but far less extensive. It consists of water bottle, biscuits, high vis, shovel and a thick blanket. The last one I found super important when I was stuck on a motorway in the snow some years ago and I was low on fuel. I was having to balance turning the engine on and off to generate heat with fuel consumption. Fortunately, the jam cleared and I was able to make it to a service station before I ran dry. I imagine it would have been pretty damn cold without a blanket!
  15. Things I Do Like

    Stick some knobblies on it, set the launch control... Owner would be off in a jiffy!! (Off the road that is!)