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  1. dansallis

    Things I Do Like

    The result from the latest game of kickabout on the telly! 😄
  2. dansallis

    Door Trim Thing ?

    Amazing, thank you Tom! 😄
  3. dansallis

    Door Trim Thing ?

    Does anyone know what the part pictured below is called, or what the part number is? I bought the car in October and only just noticed its missing. Shows how often I have people in the back of my car. (Not my door, image used for illustrative purposes only).
  4. dansallis

    Things I Do Like

    The auto with start/stop I had did exactly what you said. However, when you lifted the brake to beginning moving (and restart the engine) it applied the brake automatically (like HSA) until you started moving off with the accelerator.
  5. dansallis

    Alexp's 2018 Fiesta ST

    WOW! That looks amazing in white, good choice Alex! I bet you're itching to get it on your driveway now! 😄
  6. dansallis

    Car Conundrums!

    Wheel bearing
  7. dansallis

    New MOT Rules Today

    Had my MOT the day before it was due to change. Got the new style MOT certificate though with three "Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories)" notices: Offside front shock absorber has a light misting of oil Offside front tyre worn close to the legal limit Nearside front tyre worn close to the legal limit Quite like the new style of MOT cert.
  8. dansallis

    Mk 7.5 red edition brakes issue

    What age is the car? How many miles has it done total? Modern brakes tend to squeak/squeal when the pad thickness is running low. If its not that then take it into Ford, they will deal with it for free since it is well within warranty and is not normal wear and tear (providing the brake pads aren't worn out).
  9. dansallis

    Things I Do Like

    Love a good ECP sale, they are few and far between these days!
  10. dansallis

    Car Conundrums!

    Mondeo Hybrid's electric motor? And I think we should have another clue when we start begging for it! (Which will definitely be before 15 guesses ).
  11. dansallis

    Deep impact blue

    It is a shame, I loved the DIB! However, I think they have replaced it with something even better, Blue Wave. It is far more blue and impressive in the flesh.
  12. Bought my 2015 EcoBoost Titanium about 6-7 months ago @17000 miles. Its now done 27000 miles and no problems (yes I do around 18000 a year)!
  13. dansallis

    Fiesta Ecoboost 2nd Gear Whine

    I too have a whine at the point you mentioned (2nd gear, ~2000rpm). I never gave this a second thought, and assumed it was a perfectly healthy noise from the engine/gearbox/turbo.
  14. dansallis

    Ecoboost cutting out at high revs

    On my drive home on Friday I actually tried this in 2nd gear and noticed a slight hiccup at 5600rpm. I tried it again but was unable to replicate it the rest of the way home. This shouldn't be a problem for me (unless a larger game is afoot Mr EcoBoost) because I rarely reach those kinds of engine speeds.
  15. dansallis

    Breakdown Cover

    I am with RAC. I have found that they are much more polite than AA in the past. I pay £110 a year for mine and my partner's vehicle, with roadside recovery and home recovery. Although, this is not really a fair value since I get a discount through my employer... Have you threatened to take your custom to AA? Sometimes that forces their hand and they reduce your renewal.