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  1. When did the Granada get a Cat?

    Interesting. I've certainly come across J and K reg Granada based Dorchesters that don't have cats. I notice that for the V6 24v it gives the dates as 2/93 - 3/95. Could they be 24v engines used in the stretch Dorchester, or was (as I suspect) the 24v only used in the special sporty Granada? Oh.......just read that the 24v was Cosworth only. Hm, I wonder if the Coachbuilder ordered Granada's without Cats for some reason. I've recently bought an M reg late '94 model so will have a look. And I'll also try to contact the coachbuilder (Coleman Milne) to see if they can help. The reason I'm so fussy about Cats is because I've started exporting these to Germany, and over here, without a Cat the road tax rate is astronomical and it makes them much harder to sell.
  2. When did the Granada get a Cat?

    I wonder if someone can tell me the rough build date or chassis number when the Ford Granada (or Scorpio in Europe) started to have a catalytic convertor as standard? I'm mainly concerned with the 2.9 Cologne V6 because I have recently been dealing as a hobby with the stretched Coleman Milne Granada based 'Dorchester' and they all have that engine. I'm hoping that some of the last of the pre Frogeye shape had cats (around 1993/1994?)! Thanks, Chris Perkins