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  1. Oh that's great news! I'll sort that upgrade now then, thanks a lot! Yes. I have an iPhone 7 and play music through the Spotify app, I get full track info when connect via USB, but nothing when connected via Bluetooth. This is the same for my friends Android phone however! So must the old the Sync software causing this.
  2. Thank you so much for this! Saves me wasting time trying to sort the 1.1 upgrade when likely my iPhone still won't transmit track names when playing via Bluetooth mode! Full Track names do work from my iPhone with the USB connection on current Sync 1.0 version, FYI!
  3. Hi can anyone confirm that this upgrade was compatible with showing track names via bluetooth from Apple iOS devices not just Android devices? As I have noticed in Ford's description of the new Applink software it says: 'How does Ford SYNC with AppLink connect with the phones? It’s easy: AppLink connects with Android via Bluetooth®, and with Apple iOS using a wired connection via the USB port.' I appreciate Applink is different to just upgrading the module but wanting to confirm same rules don't apply.
  4. How are you viewing the software version in your car? I just searched through what seemed like all the system info sections and could not see it... Could you tell me the file path you took to get to this screen? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, A few months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta 1L Ecoboost (125bhp), Titanium, 63 reg. I have been having no trouble with connecting my phone and others via bluetooth to Sync media, however when playing music via bluetooth my car does not display track names/artists, but it does when playing music via the USB wired connection. A friend of mine has a lower spec fiesta (zetec), but a newer model (14 reg) and can get their bluetooth mode to display track names... I have been warned that these systems wok better with android phones rather than iPhones (which is what I have) and it is an android phone that my friend uses. Has anyone found similar issues? Or knows whether a 63 reg car is simply not new enough to support the track name information when in bluetooth mode, despite being high spec? Both my Sync and iPhone software are on the most recent updates... Any ideas? Thanks! drward1