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  1. Have ordered the wired version, cheers. WAZ - sometimes mine gives 20 seconds grace to get the key in the ignition, but more often than not the alarm will sound as soon as I open the door.
  2. Thanks for the advice Damian. Get a whopping 85p discount as well today as it's black Friday! Just noticed there is a wifi version as well, reckon it's worth getting to be able to use with my phone?
  3. Thanks both for your responses I will have a look into disabling the alarm using the ELMconfig program (and insurance implications). JW1982 - is it straightforward enough to do if I buy an ELM327 interface that has already been modified? Would the ELM327 interface in the listing below do the job? https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/122749435220?chn=ps&dispctrl=0&adgroupid=49522826281&rlsatarget=pla-379372015150&abcId=1128966&adtype=pla&merchantid=113697073&poi=&googleloc=1007033&device=c&campaignid=857333700&crdt=0 Cheers Dave
  4. Hi, I only have a manual key (the remote key has recently been lost) and nearly every time I unlock the door the alarm will go and I have to turn the key in the ignition to disable it. Which is a pain, especially with getting a young child in the car. I took the key to my local car locksmith to get another key cut and he was only able to cut me another manual key - he was unable to reprogram the new key so the remote functions worked. I have looked on other discussions and forums and the only solution to this seems to be to get another remote key, so I’m struggling. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m not bothered if the alarm is permanently deactivated to be honest….although doubtful if anyone would share how to do this on a public forum... Many thanks in advance Dave