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  1. Pulling problem, please help?

    Also, i don't do hard acceleration just general speeding up on fifth gear for example.
  2. Pulling problem, please help?

    Hi they are new tires and have been checked for alignment, mine is a mk 7 2011. Pressure are all at 32psi. Could it be the issue i have attached for the advisory? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YxbrjnhejoOBu_PmgFj8JiKxaUNC224u/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. Pulling problem, please help?

    Hi all, My fiesta is pulling to the right when accelerating, is this an issue if so what? Thanks Shaun
  4. Upgrade speakers?

    Okay so would you know if a 6 3/4'' will fit?
  5. Upgrade speakers?

    Hi all, Just wondering if it is worth upgrading the fiesta's speaker (front) for JVC CS-DR1720 16CM 250W? Thanks Shaun
  6. 1.25 Timing belt/chain interval?

  7. Hi all, Just wondering when is the interval for the timing belt/chain? Thanks Shaun
  8. Does LED H1 and H7 headlights fit?

    I tried to fit the headlights and didn't fit sadly :(
  9. Does LED H1 and H7 headlights fit?

    Cool I'll just change them back then
  10. Does LED H1 and H7 headlights fit?

    nope, full beam, dipped beam, sides are all separate. but my concern is that is there enough room and to put the caps back on?
  11. Hi all, I was looking on Amazon for led headlights and was wondering if they would fit in the holes, which ones are the best and are they worth it? Thanks Shaun
  12. Best Spark Plugs

    Yeah I don't mind about the price just the performance and reliability Would you know how much Motorcraft plugs are and where to buy them and are they good quality? Thanks Shaun
  13. Do it yourself!! cheapest way maybe the first time may not after buying tools but after a service or 2 it will pay for it self.
  14. Sup folks, I have a 2011 fiesta and is a 1.25 and just asking for opinions for the best spark plug to use? Is it worth paying a little more for fords own brand? FYI... I change them myself. Thanks Shaun
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know if ford Motorcraft spark plug is any better than Bosch or ngk for my 1.2 fiesta, if so where is the best place to get them without paying for the service kit? Thanks Shaun