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  1. Shaunhastie

    Fusebox upgrade?

    Hi all I'm wondering if it's possible to have powerfold mirrors on a type 1 fusebox and if not is it easy to upgrade to type 2 fusebox? Thanks Shaun
  2. Shaunhastie

    Back Box Delete?

    Would anyone know what size pipe and length for a 1.25 fiesta muffler delete?
  3. Shaunhastie

    Cruise control retrofit

    you can check by taking the 3 back torx screws out and then they should pull apart and the wire loom should be under side of the steering wheel
  4. Shaunhastie

    Cruise control retrofit

    I'm in the same boat with you buddy trying to get it for my wee 1.2 11 plate fiesta
  5. Shaunhastie

    Cruise Control

    Sorry where would i find that? Thanks
  6. Shaunhastie

    Cruise Control

    Hi all, Would anyone know if Ford can install Cruise Control after the factory? if so how much usually I have a 2011, 1.25 Fiesta.
  7. Shaunhastie

    A/C Clutch kick in and off

    Yes the compressor
  8. Shaunhastie

    A/C Clutch kick in and off

    hi all my fiesta's a/c keeps turning off and on a lot and can feel and hear it when driving at 60 mph, I filled it up with a recharge as was low and it's in the green area and near middle range, so it isn't low on that. p.s the pressure goes up and down but still in the green when the compressor turns on and off. Could have any help with this please, could it be the relay going or something else? Any help will be appreciated Shaun
  9. Shaunhastie

    Rust on door?

    Hi all, Quick question my fiesta has a small rust patch on the bottom of the drivers door and bubbling near and ridge of door... It's a 2011 and a 3 door car. Question is how much roughly would it be to get it fixed or would i be better buying a new door? Thanks Shaun
  10. Shaunhastie

    L.E.D Headlamps

    Hi all wondering if led headlamps are worth it and where would the best place to get them from? Thanks Shaun
  11. Hi all, Just wondering where is the best place to get Headlight Brows for my 2009-2012 fiesta and general prices? Thanks
  12. Shaunhastie

    Pulling problem, please help?

    Also, i don't do hard acceleration just general speeding up on fifth gear for example.
  13. Shaunhastie

    Pulling problem, please help?

    Hi they are new tires and have been checked for alignment, mine is a mk 7 2011. Pressure are all at 32psi. Could it be the issue i have attached for the advisory?
  14. Shaunhastie

    Pulling problem, please help?

    Hi all, My fiesta is pulling to the right when accelerating, is this an issue if so what? Thanks Shaun
  15. Shaunhastie

    Upgrade speakers?

    Okay so would you know if a 6 3/4'' will fit?