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  1. Hi all, I want to see what tires sizes are safe for the 18" rims? Thanks Shaun
  2. It would mainly be Powerfold mirrors i would want.
  3. So what would be the chances to buy and install and program in the st-3 features
  4. Thanks bud, I'm fairly looking forward going from a 1.2 fiesta to a ST. What I was meaning was the difference between this ST and the ST-3?
  5. Are you still looking for one bud as I have one here that I'll sell cheap?
  6. Hi all, I'm getting my ST-2 with performance pack (picture enclosed) next week and i'm wondering, for example if i didn't have power folding mirrors is it possible to upgrade the mirrors to get them (replacing the unit) and activating with forscan or would it be like the 2011 Zetec and change the fusebox? Also with the picture below what difference would my ST-2 be compared to like a ST-3, a.k.a what would i miss out? Thanks Shaun
  7. Hi all I'm wondering if it's possible to have powerfold mirrors on a type 1 fusebox and if not is it easy to upgrade to type 2 fusebox? Thanks Shaun
  8. Would anyone know what size pipe and length for a 1.25 fiesta muffler delete?
  9. you can check by taking the 3 back torx screws out and then they should pull apart and the wire loom should be under side of the steering wheel
  10. I'm in the same boat with you buddy trying to get it for my wee 1.2 11 plate fiesta
  11. Sorry where would i find that? Thanks
  12. Hi all, Would anyone know if Ford can install Cruise Control after the factory? if so how much usually I have a 2011, 1.25 Fiesta.
  13. hi all my fiesta's a/c keeps turning off and on a lot and can feel and hear it when driving at 60 mph, I filled it up with a recharge as was low and it's in the green area and near middle range, so it isn't low on that. p.s the pressure goes up and down but still in the green when the compressor turns on and off. Could have any help with this please, could it be the relay going or something else? Any help will be appreciated Shaun
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