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  1. I've heard mixed things about getting RF(remote) central locking on the Focus CL models, as these only come with key central locking. Some people say, it's not possible and you need a third party alarm system, some people say you just need the key, and some people say you can swap out a GEM box. :( Does anyone know the truth on this one.... if someone has done it before then please can you let me know what I need to get? Thank you Marc
  2. Hi All, I have a MK1 Focus CL Estate..... not very exciting I know! So I am looking for easy/cheap mods. My first mod is to actually have an RF central locking system, yes believe it or not I still have to walk up to my car and put the key in the door to unlock.... so old style! I believe I need to change a GEM unit, but have concerns whether it will bugger up something else. Any advice would be great! Thank you and can't wait to meet you all. Marc