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  1. Replace the wing mirror 2017 Focus

    Great video, I would hate to do the job without seeing this.
  2. Advice On Dash Cams.

    Google Techmoan, he has done loads of reviews on a large number of car cams, for each camera he installs it in his own car and produces and in depth video showing his experience wtth them, he has also done a video aimed at people who know nothing about car cams. I would add that his current car cam is the Viofo A119 which appears to be the best camera at a very reasonable price, (just over £70 on E-bay). Over the years I have had a number of car cams and I would suggest two things, do not go for a budget camera, it would last five minutes, secondly, don't buy from the high street shows, they tend to have poor camera's at inflated prices. Good luck.
  3. Heated steering wheel slowly dieing.

    Try holding a steering wheel in the winter if you have Raynaud's syndrome, I bought my current car because of the heated steering and I have not looked back since, rather than being in pain from white/purple fingers they are now warm as toast.
  4. I have recently bought a low mileage March 17 Focus Titanium X and find the leather seats on the hard side, is it possible to replace them with cloth ones? (Heated and electric adjustment).
  5. Titanium X badge

    Thanks I have ordered one, fingers crossed it will fit but I think it will be okay.
  6. Titanium X badge

    I have just bought a 2017 Titanium X Focus but it does not have the Titanium X badge on the rear, is it possible to buy these?
  7. Martin222

    Thank you.
  8. Martin222

    Just purchased a Focus Titanium X with all of the add-on's, really pleased with it. I had Fords for years but in May decided to buy a Jaguar XE, what a mistake, apart from fantastic suspension, steering and ride, the car was very poorly put together, and despite spending £34k I got what was a basic vehicle, not even folding mirrors, so really glad to get back to a Ford.