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  1. Hello I purshased my car from fords September 2017, in March 2018 a new clutch assembly pack was fitted as my car was juddering when I moved forward and after 3 months of aguing with ford company they agreed it was the clutch assembly pack that needed renewing, as soon as it was fitted the car was great just recently it had started to judder again same fault warrington fords say it does not now come under warranty as that is for only 12 months on new fitted parts just want to ask on this site if that is true as most garages are saying it should be 2 year warranty Thank you
  2. I have focus Titainium 2014 automatic sometimes when i get in the car it will not start saying key not found in the car, I have to lock the car with the key while I am sat in the car then unlock it maybe once or more times before it starts, is there a fix for this or do I need to go to the ford garage
  3. Hello I have concerns over my car key / fob if I take fob out with me which I have to to start car with the spare key in it and I lose it I cannot get home, so I took the metal key out of fob and left it in the house, thinking at least I can get home collect the key then return to my car. But now after a few weeks the warning keeps coming up key fob not in the car what do you all do to make sure if you lose your key you can get home. Thank you all
  4. Hello Yes this repair was under warranty luckily when I bought the car in September 2017 I did not have a car to put in part exchange so they gave me a further 12 months warranty on top of the 3 months you get on a second hand car, otherwise I would have had a big bill. I collected the car yesterday afternoon after 7 days in there garage and the car is now a different car so smooth when starting off they must have known it was not right had at least 4 guys road test it, I managed to get a courtesy car off them Saturday morning. Asked the manager for a report on why it took so long but I do not think they are very interested I really get the impression the customer is just a problem its no wonder people are buying foreign cars
  5. not given me yet a reason for delay only given me a reason as to why the car will not be ready now until Monday they need a seal for the clutch cannot get one anywhere due to weather conditions , I have asked now for a courtesy car and its looks as though I might get one. What would you do if this was your car any advice welcome Thank you
  6. Hello Not sure what you mean the place I bought it from is Trustfords it has been into them 4 times because it juddered when I pulled away worse when engine got hot they kept saying it was normal to judder a little then last thursday had a technician come out with me pulled away and he said straight away clutch pack needed booked it in last thursday to be fitted tuesday this week they told me 2 days
  7. I am certainly going to question Darren the service manager but I do not expect any joy from Ford staff I did not get offered a courtesy car did not know I could have one until yesterday when staff member called me to tell me about extra 2 day wait , and then she said I would have to have given them 2 weeks notice for a courtesy car. I then asked her to confirm my car was with Ford motor company not Skoda, I bought the car in September 2017 been nothing but trouble and the service is really bad I think this will be last time I use Fords
  8. No i have spoken to them they have got the pack but not yet fitted it so if i can find out what is fitting approx then i can ask why we have been without a car for 2 days sat on there carpark, surely we the customers must get some good service from a company like fords
  9. Hello everybody my car focus 2014 titanium automatic has been in ford garage for 2 full days to have a clutch pack installed they said would take 2 days, they called today to inform me that it is going to be another 2 days that cannot be correct can it ?? thank you all
  10. This car does not have a clutch as I know it accelerator pedal and brake pedal stick control has P R N D S AND ON STICK IS + AND - BUTONS THANK YOU
  11. Tyres on the car are 215/55 R 16 this technician seen today says it is not going to be as good as a new car I know that, it happened once on the test drive he said it was because I went away a bit quick and was wheel spin. i will keep driving it until it starts to do it again and if it is in working hours take it back into garage and ask for this technician I have got 15 months warranty on the car thank you for all your help
  12. Hello everybody new here just purchased focus titanium 2014 in September, 20000 miles automatic when I move away the rear wheels seem to spin and judder hope that makes sense, been in and out of ford garage 3 times they say nothing wrong took it out with a technician last Tuesday he got me to floor my accelerator pedal and it felt as though the rear wheels were going to come through the floor, he said it could be the tyres not the correct type, or the clutch, had it in fords again yesterday guy rang me last night nothing wrong with it but he did not even know the other guy had been out with me so communication not working, going out with SENIOR TECHNICIAN on Monday have you any ideas on what could be my problem thank you