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  1. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Hi all Thought this deserved an update. Well the heated windscreen problem is fixed - dead cell in the battery AND the dealership fitted (without asking) a taller fuse. Consequently my fusebox lid doesn't shut flush but at least it does fit back in the engine bay. The replacement fuse is not the same type as the original factory fitted one. *shrug* Ford UK are still looking into it....
  2. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Hi Ian Thanks for the links - I had come across Micro Mcase with the dimensions that looked about right, but none from UK suppliers - I may have to resort to buying from abroad. Yes I have complained to Ford direct and I am in dialogue with them but so far they have not been able to offer a resolution... it has been going on since the 17th November!!! If you can have a chat with your local garage I'd appreciate that, in the meantime I'll take another look at the links and check the data out... Jon
  3. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Hi Ian Sorry for the late reply. I had another look at the fuse over the weekend, unfortunately the fuse is not the 'slotted' type. Both the slotted and unslotted are the same height, and there is no 'keying' in the fusebox that might prevent a fuse from being fully inserted. I had another look at the datasheet and the slotted type appears to be used if the fuse is inserted over a blade type carrier. Below is a photo of an M-type fuse from the fusebox compared to the Mcase non-slotted fuse I ordered. As you can see the M-type (top) is shorter than the M-case (bottom). The M-case does fit the fusebox but because its taller I cannot close the lid. And because the fuse box is double sided, a non-flush fitting lid (this fuse is on the bottom of the box) means the fuse box won't go back into the engine bay. Saying that, it does look like the 'Mcase' that's in the Ford link... .but it doesn't look like the 'Mcase' that I ordered. I must admit I'm not impressed that I can't get this fuse through Ford aftersales spares... and there are several M-type fuses used in the fusebox (as well as J-type) Btw it looks like the fuses on the 2016 model (from the link that was posted) are the same as in my 2015 paper user manual. I'll keep everyone updated how this pans out...
  4. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Hi Stoney I'm not sure they are... J-type are also used in my fuse box and they are different. The low profile ones have dimensions H 16 x W 14 x D 11, other M-type fuses in my fuse box are 9.74mm x 6.32mm (ish - measured with a vernier). The J-type would be too wide. This is the other type of fuse my local dealership ordered and tried... and it wouldn't fit in the hole!!!! You can see my problem Mcase - too tall J-type low profile - too wide Where oh where are the M-types....... I'm beginning to think if the fuse goes you need to buy a new car!!!!
  5. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Hi Ian (and others following the thread) I ordered the Mcase fuse from APC and it arrived yesterday, very quickly. Fit the fuse this morning and its slightly too tall resulting in a not quite flush fitting fuse box lid This is the same issue with one of the two fuses that the Ford dealership tried. See photo below - I don't know if you can make out that its slightly proud compared to its compatriots: Its the bottom right one with a slightly different looking top... this is 'fuse 61'. The ones next to it are the M-type fuses referenced in the manual. Lets hope Ford UK come through... I'm not confident... perhaps I need a fuse from a Mk4 Mondeo (maybe my fusebox is an older type) Jon
  6. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Just measured one of my M-type/Mcase fuses.... 15mm tall... so it looks like they could be Mcases - muchas appreciatas. I'll order one and see if it fits. Jon
  7. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Thanks Ian, that's interesting. I had a look at the datasheets but they look a little tall. A similar 'M-type' fuse has a body size of 9.74mm x 6.32mm... I didn't measure the height. Of the two '40A green' fuses the dealership tried, one was too big (didn't fit the hole) and the other was too tall (fit the hole - but the lid wouldn't sit flush on the fuse box... dealership thought this was okay!!!).. Anyway I've dug out my manual, page 231 states fuse 61 to be M-type..other fuses listed in the manual are: Micro fuse Dual micro fuse M-type fuse J-type fuse No MCase in the owners manual... so its interesting that its on the link you sent me. I'm going to order one just to try... Thanks Jon
  8. Hi all Anyone tried to procure an M-type fuse for their new shape Mondeo's? I'm trying to obtain a spare 'fuse 61' for the heated windscreen. Its listed in the manual as an M-type 40A fuse. So far my local ford dealership has supplied two fuses of the wrong physical size and they don't fit... its been over a month now and its looking like these fuses are not available through the aftersales spares service. Ford UK are discussing this with my local dealership but so far, no resolution. So in essence it looks like the fuses fitted to the cars as they come off the production line are not available after market.... this my first Ford... am I impressed?