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  1. Hey guys! Long time no post... I think the reversing light wiring is loose/on the blink as when I put the car in reverse (which does work!), the light doesn't always come on - which also means my parking sensors don't work all the time either as I assume they come on with the light. Easy fix?
  2. Did you have to do anything to the wiring, or was it just plug and play in the end? Looks good so would be interested in doing the same
  3. I ended up getting a manual set off eBay for less than £20 for my Ghia
  4. Having had a search for the exact same question, it would appear that it's not actually worth doing as it would be for calls only. We would need a Gen2 radio, plus all the modules, to get it to work IIRC
  5. Well, I'm at a point where I'm happy to show some pictures of my car! Had it cleaned the other week but now living in the sticks, with this weather, means it's a tad dusty but meh... The car itself has a 2.0 Duratec-HE petrol engine (meaning rear disc brakes) and is standard Ghia spec but it does have a few options ticked... - Front mud flaps (which I had to fit today as they were missing when I got the car but found a good deal on a new set on eBay) - Optional Ford 18" alloy wheels with 225/40/18 tyres (wheels are curbed to hell so thinking of getting them refurbished) - Upgraded Sony stereo with built-in 6CD changer (which I had to replace as it developed the 'Phone' issue, now has the single CD MP3 Sony radio) and 8-speaker setup - Rear parking sensors - Some sort of interior dress up pack with gear knob, handbrake lever and sill plates It has a few age-related paint issues which I will address eventually - and I had some initial issues with mechanical failures and the missus crashing it 2 weeks into owning it - but, for now, I'm happy!
  6. From experience, I'd probably go for the Heko ones. The ClimAir, whilst being supplied by Ford themselves, don't seem to work too well if you're window rubbers are a bit stiff. The Heko ones come with channel spacers to get around this (although I wonder if I could get some to use with the ClimAir ones?)
  7. HERE is the Connect2 installation video for that kit for your car. Seems pretty easy, although you may need to speak to them regarding the right adapter lead for an Android headunit
  8. I did see that afterwards but didn't link to it as I assumed you'd find it! 😄
  9. Well, although the full brochure isn't available online yet there is a price list with specs/options 2018 'All-new' Ford Focus It doesn't mention discs BUT the image of the 'Style' (entry-level Focus) does seem to point to rear discs...(taken from the build configurator but nothing selected)
  10. Ditto. My Ghia was £16,800 standard and I've got parking sensors, metalic paint, upgraded stereo and optional 18s so God knows how much it was all in!
  11. This could help, although it's more about getting rid of what you have and getting a 'proper' radio with an aux connector/BT
  12. Have a look HERE - you can find the Ford part number depending on spec. Although it looks like you need THIS