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  1. 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec new radio?

    The Sony one you've pictured can be found on eBay, looks like the whole lot comes out https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-SONY-RADIO-AHU-DAB-CAR-STEREO-DAB-RADIO-CD-PLAYER-CONTROLS-DISPLAY/253557257971?hash=item3b0930b6f3:g:K48AAOSwhCJaz3HO
  2. My ongoing Focus saga...

    I asked and they said it will take 5-10 days, so petty sure that isn't in the UK. Doesn't matter, got one coming tomorrow so will sort it out over the weekend. Anyone know where to get a decent torx/star bit set from? EDIT: Found a set on Prime same-day delivery so will see if it arrives on time!
  3. My ongoing Focus saga...

    OK, might take longer! eBay ones are from China, even though they say UK stock (might ask in case but still don't want to wait ages for delivery as I need the car!)
  4. My ongoing Focus saga...

    That was my thinking too. Let's give it a go!
  5. My ongoing Focus saga...

    THIS is the part in question (genuine part from a Ford dealer in Plymouth), THIS is a third party part for about £80 cheaper
  6. My ongoing Focus saga...

    I'm umming and arring about getting a genuine Ford part or third-party part. Reckon there's any point going genuine for the sake of £40?
  7. My ongoing Focus saga...

    I swear this car is cursed!! New fuel pump sorted the non-starter issue, but now it's giving a P2008 fault code (on the second drive, although I did notice it was very sluggish driving it home), which does seem easy to fix so gonna look to do it myself as others on here have done it and it seems straight forward If I don't laugh I'd cry at this point
  8. My ongoing Focus saga...

    It's the 2.0 Duratec-HE petrol engine
  9. My ongoing Focus saga...

    It did start when the low loader came round but as soon as you pump the gas it cuts out, so it's with the garage now. Just hope they get it fixed this time! Fingers crossed... Side-note: Got a bulge in the near-side front tyre, so also need to get those replaced (but I'd planned on that anyway)
  10. My ongoing Focus saga...

    I do not, no. Wasn't expecting to have to get into it this deep so not bought any cables! Might be worth it in the long run, assuming I even keep the car as confidence in it is VERY low right now...the GF bloke checked everything in terms of error codes and there was nothing, hence looking at a mechanical issue as opposed to software.
  11. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Sorry, the starter motor attemps to start the car but it doesn't actually kick in (been a bit stressed the past few days!). 'We' didn't check the fuses, so will do that this evening to be sure. Immobiliser light continues to flash (not quickly) even with the key in the ignition - same speed as when the car is locked - but as I've never thought anything of it I don't know if that's normal or not (like at 14 seconds on this video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kBZeBbb9PM
  12. My ongoing Focus saga...

    The car does attempt to turn over, there's no fuel getting to the engine (Green Flag guy disconnected one of the fuel lines and nothing comes out when attempting to start the car, same at the fuel filter). I've got it booked back into the garage tomorow morning so they can confirm the diagnosis and get it repaired, hopefully for good this time! Not going to be cheap, though...
  13. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Green Flag have just left, it's the fuel pump (nothing getting to the engine or fuel filter). How easy are they to replace?
  14. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Got Green Flag out again this evening, fingers crossed it's a simple fix!
  15. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Believe me, I don't do it daily! It was out of necessity that I had to go on it so I can stomach small bouts. I HATE congestion too