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  1. damp carpets

    Hello, My carpets in the front are a bit damp, wet when pushing down on them. Its been raining a fair bit and the sound insulation or whatever it is between you feet and the engine/firewall? is wet also. Is there a general location a the leak would be coming from? The windscreen scuttle if that's what its call isn't glued to the windscreen could the rain get in here? Thanks, - Matt
  2. MK2.5 ESP: What does it actually do?

    have a look at this:
  3. Hello, I wonder if anyone has experience this. When coming off my drive and going left or right full lock it feels like my tyres are loosing grip. It feels like i'm on the edge of my tyres or similar sound to when you loose grip on snow (when moving slowly). This also happens on mini roundabouts. Tyres are Primacy 3's and they have a fair bit of tread left. Thanks, - Matt
  4. Ford focus chip / remap

    I'll second Bluefin, reduced the lag of my 1.8 TDCI proving smoother power delivery and no more cutting out at Junctions because the revs were to low. I used to get a kick of power then it would fizzle out, now is over a broader range.
  5. Roof rack, plastic bolt snapped

    Sorted, came out with a blowtorch and screwdriver. the other two came out fine and the last didn’t even have a bolt.
  6. Roof rack, plastic bolt snapped

    Great I’ll try this tomorrow 👍
  7. Hello, ive tried fitting a roof rack but the plastic screw that was under the putty has snapped while trying to unscrew it. Any ideas to get this out? thanks,
  8. New Battery

    Looks like my car had the original battery, just over 10yrs I think. Fixed a few issues I was having, plus I don't think the rusted earth or jump start point helped.
  9. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Well I decided to change the battery, I removed the negative lead that goes to the body of the car to clean it; it was that rusted I snapped the socket adaptor getting it off. Installed the new battery reconnected and the dials haven't been getting stuck so all good. I was surprised that battery lasted so long looked like the original one.
  10. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    The headlight bulb flickers not an icon for it. I saw it reflecting back off the car in front when parked.
  11. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Ok so drove the car home and checked the voltage this time it was 12.6, would this be because its freshly charged? If I get a battery is it an easy DIY job? do those battery memory savers work? I don't have my radio code.
  12. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    according to the dash test its 12.0 volts.
  13. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Dial sweep test completed fine. What i did notice last night is that the headlights flickered on when starting, even when the lights are set to off.
  14. Hello, When I start my car the rev's and speed needle gets stuck below zero for a couple of seconds, the needle twitches for a few seconds like its struggling to move. Any ideas? - Matt
  15. Windscreen issues

    Hello, I have poor visibility through my windscreen. I've tried cleaning and polishing but its still pretty poor. I was hoping the polish would fill the little pits. There are quite a few tiny scratches/chips/pits on the windscreen that causes quiet a bit of glare. A lot of headlights seem over bright these days which doesn't help; unless its just me. Any ideas how to reduce the glare? - Matt