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  1. Hi, I had a whole new exhaust fitted yesterday with Kwik Fit (including cat). I started the car this morning and for the first 10-20 seconds the exhaust is making a rumbling noise on start up and for the first few revs. Best way I can describe the noise is like a boy racer exhaust. I work as a community carer so the car is stop start all morning and it was making this noise for the first few hours until eventually going away. However having been idle for a few house this afternoon I went to start it up and it made the noise again. Is this normal? Any help would be appreciated. I did take it back to kwik fit after work and they could find nothing wrong, although they didn't hear the noise I'm describing as by that time it had stopped. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a 2012 Ford Focus petrol 1.6 M1. I am losing coolant, not much, but about an inch every couple of weeks. My local garage has had a look at it and can't find any leaks whatsoever. He says he's left it running for an hour to see if there are any leaks and there isn't. It's been back to him twice but basically he can't find what the problem is, so I'm here for any suggestions as to what could be causing the coolant loss.Last Saturday I drove to Bristol and back from West Wales and it didn't lose any coolant whatsoever, it seems to be the shorter stop start journeys where the fluid is lost. I don't know if that's significant or not. I've checked the oil stick and cap for any 'milky' appearence as I was told that could indicate a head gasket problem, but that's all fine. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I had the problem again this morning with the gear locking. I managed to get it to my local garage. He's just rung me back and you were correct lads, the clutch slave cylinder is leaking. It only had a new clutch last October. I've got RAC gold warranty on it but they are closed until 9am tomorrow. Do you think this would be covered by their warranty? They don't cover clutches that are "at the end of their working life" but being 14 months old this one shouldn't have packed in already. I have the invoice for the clutch kit and concentric slave cylinder.
  4. I'll fill the fluid up to the max and keep an eye on it over the next few days and see if it falls.
  5. The brake/clutch fluid is just on the minimum line. I'm assuming this isn't low enough to cause a problem?
  6. Hi, I jumped in my car about 5pm tonight, started the engine and drove off. When I went to change into 2nd gear the gear stick was locked in 1st and the clutch felt funny. I rolled to the side of the road and switched the engine off. I was then able to put it back into neutral. After reading some forums I saw it suggested that sometimes in cold weather if you don't let the car warm up a little bit first that the computer can play heck with the transmission. I started the car back up and let it idle for a few minutes and sure enough I drove off and everything was fine. Does this sound plausible? I have a 61' plate Focus. Thanks.