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  1. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    I'd say its a wise first step before you start tearing things apart.
  2. mk1.5 brake problem

    It might be worth giving the rear adjusters a full stripdown, clean and rebuild with a bit of grease.
  3. MK2.5 ESP: What does it actually do?

    I do get the ESP light on if I'm a bit heavy footed coming out of a junction, but I assume that's just the traction control side of the system cancelling out my size 10 lead foot. The car has Dunlops all round. While I understand that no ESP system is going to save me from utter personal stupidity, its nice to understand what the system will try and do if such a situation occurs, rather than be like my mother who was freaked out when she felt the ABS kick in on her Astra and took her foot off the brake pedal!
  4. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    My old man's theory is that the dipstick tube actually sits in the oil, and that the oil slowly drains out of the tube when the engine runs and it doesn't flow back in until you take the dipstick out the first time (so that the tube is unsealed). Either way its seriously confusing!
  5. Microphone Cable & Jack

    There's a few guides on here regarding the unit like this one However this is what I did: 1: Remove glovebox (there's a fair few screws but it then just pulls out) 2: Above the glovebox is the black box of the Bluetooth module. Its held in by one screw but is an absolute ***** to get to. I simply opened the white locking lever and disconnected the wiring plug, leaving the unit in place but not connected.
  6. mk1.5 brake problem

    Very strange indeed. So to recap the pedal feel's good, its just the brakes don't seem to provide the sharp stopping power you're expecting? The only other thing I can think of is that there's something wrong with the pedal and/or its mechanical linkages meaning that its providing enough movement/force for you to bleed everything up but when you're going to step on the pedal its somehow not transferring the force through to the master cylinder somehow.
  7. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    According to the Haynes book of lies for the Focus MK2, a 2.0 takes 4.3 litres from empty including the filter. I owned a 1.8 Duratec that burned oil (luckily managed to return it to the dealer) but that one was very obvious (blue smoke when revved hard, tail pipe full of black oily sludge). It might be worth waiting for someone who's more knowledgeable than me to give some more advice but I'd suggest monitoring the situation before you start worrying too much.
  8. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    The Duratec-HE engine is an absolute pain to check the oil on in my experience. The engine takes an absolute age to drain back (hours, not minutes!) and the dipstick always shows zero on the first check before you put it back and try again. My advice is to do the following: 1: Always check the oil level in exactly the same place (somewhere level), preferably after letting the car stand overnight. If this isn't possible (e.g. its parked on a hill overnight) leave the car somewhere level for as long as possible before you check the level. 2: If you do an oil change yourself, use a measuring jug to fill the engine to the stated capacity in the manual. Using the dipstick will mean you end up over or under-filling it.
  9. Microphone Cable & Jack

    For what its worth I was in the same position. I ended up using my head unit's own supplied microphone and clipping under the steering column and running the cable back. Be sure to disconnect the bluetooth/voice control module that's behind the glovebox as well, as apparently if you remove the original Ford radio the unit doesn't switch itself off properly and can cause a battery drain.
  10. mk1.5 brake problem

    Silly question, but have you checked/replaced the pads themselves (I'm thinking contamination)? Also, do the non ABS MK1.5s have a load limiting valve for the rear brakes?
  11. MK2.5 ESP: What does it actually do?

    Thanks. So. I probably would never notice the ESP side unless I got in serious trouble!
  12. Stupid question of the week time... My MK2.5 apparently has ESP fitted. Now I understand what ABS does, and what Traction Control does, so what's the difference between ESP and simple ABS and Traction Control systems?
  13. brembo discs and pads

    Things look OK in this case, however when checking parts I'd not put too much faith in the box to tell you if its genuine or not. There was a case a few years back where fake VW parts were being shipped in genuine VW boxes. They got caught out when it was realised all the boxes were labelled "Wasserpumpe" (water pump) despite the parts not being water pumps!
  14. ford focus engine special parts

    Burton Power will probably be able to supply these, but they probably won't be cheap!
  15. Low mpg mk2...

    Stupid question of the week: Have you rest your average MPG recently? Also, cold weather does impact MPG. On my old car it was about 10% worse in winter than in summer.