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  1. its fixed. was just the rubber
  2. hi guys im after some advice. my car has like a whirry rubbing noise on tick over that turns into a dull knocking sound. more noticeable when warm. it sounds like its coming from the lower drive belts area to me. i have a video of it here
  3. So took manifold off and think I have found source of leak and whoosh. The rubber oring in that corner is buggered. Pic attached. Gonna clean put back together will let you know if fixed.
  4. Hi thanks running is ok but i do have a loud whoosh when accelerating. All pipes are ok. Im thinking of removing rocker manifold to investigate. Im guessing where ever the hissing is coming coming is pushing it out to the pipes.
  5. Interesting taking pictures into manifold from them pipes and spotted this rather wet patch
  6. I have the 1.4tdci duratorq engine and standing in front of car looking at engine the rear left is wet top to bottom also with spray/splatter onto brake servo and pipes. Assuming its oil but pipes are ok. Could it be diesel. The injector seal area is a little gunky but dry. Any ideas where its coming from? Where to look? Is it worth removing rocker cover checking the orings on manifold. Also when driving i get a faint smell of exhaust only when windows open. When i stop i get a small wiff of diesel
  7. Did you resolve the issue
  8. Hi did you resolve this problem. I have a hissing and a leak from mid engine drivers side
  9. Could a leaky injector seal make a loud wooshing noise?
  10. Hi yes this is my first ford diesel. Never had it on my vauxhall dti. Thanks for info ill double check it all
  11. So having a look around stood in front of car looking at engine I can feel some air and the back left. Cant see why
  12. Hello all. Im new to ford and have started off purchasing a fusion zetec 1.4 tdci. Performance seems really good for a 1.4. Problem is when driving and getting upto speed you can hear a vacum type noise. Lots of air been sucked..when cruising gently can't really hear it. Is this likely to only be a hose? Thanks guys