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  1. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Yeah it works just as good as the previous aerial and looks a lot better
  2. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Done one of the most needed changes of getting a new aerial. Had to get a new aerial base as well because when taking the old one off, the screw holding between them snapped. Really easy replacement though
  3. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Photo of the new stereo and control knobs with slightly showing the footwell LED’s turned on at the press of the red button.
  4. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    *stainless steel
  5. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Yeah, loads, I’ve never found any type of parking so easy, for less than £10, you really can’t go wrong. Yeah I’ve been looking at them as well and couldn’t really find any nice ones, these do the job, I just wanted something that looks nicer than the rubber and they feel surprising strong and well built.
  6. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Fitted some blind spot mirrors
  7. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Bought some aluminium pedal pads because the original rubber pads were way too boring.
  8. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Just some updates: Bought a useful cigarette adapter unit that first in the area nicely which spits the original into 4 USB plugs and 3 cigarette ports which is really useful for me as I’ll be driving my mates around a lot so they can change their phones. Bought an led kit for my foot wells which wired nicely and simply turns on with a click of a button that’s in a cigarette port. Bought some floor mats. Bought some new control knobs for the aircon etc that give the car a more model look and may be visible in the next photo. Bought some and used a CTVFOX002 cable for a while to use aux with my phone for music but then when I bought a Pumpkin Stereo (shown in the photo) I uninstalled it as the stereo has Bluetooth and pretty much everything you could ask for. Photo will be added soon.
  9. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Yeah I’m really considering that just haven’t got around to doing any research but when I do, I’ll first look at autobeam, thanks :)
  10. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Thanks for the support and your opinion. I’m not much of a fan of grey so I had to change it. I bought the vents prewrapped as I don’t have hw time or skill to do it myself, hopefully they last.
  11. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Took off the origincal chrome surrounded front grille as the badge was scratched and seemed to not fit correct and replaced with a black front grille as it looks nice with the front fog light pods
  12. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Replaced the original grey gearshift knob with a black one
  13. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Took the original grey dash panel off as well as the air vent panels and replaced them with carbon wrapped to fit in with the black car better
  14. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    Heard a lot about but haven’t got around to doing research into it but thank you for the suggestion!