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  1. next turn in 9999 mls???

    Cheers both! Apologies for delay, haven't got notifications coming through.....tinkering needed!
  2. next turn in 9999 mls???

    Hi all! Am loving my new Focus estate but have one puzzling issue that I thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced. Am currently using the built in navigation via Sync 3 - when combined with Ford Pass and live traffic seems to do me OK - always have TomTom GO on the phone as back up! What I am finding is that more often than not, the distance to the next turning (for example) will be different on the main touch screen and the right hand side of the instrument cluster screen. For example, the voice and the touchscreen will show the junction as 200 yards away but the instrument cluster, cut down version of directions will show 250 miles or 9999 mls or something else well out. Another journey it will be fine and both screens will match - am not sure of any common link or combinations of in car entertainment or items plugged in that could be causing this. Anyone else come across this? Cheers! Simon
  3. Hi all! Quick note to say hello! Have come seeking some help with my now month old Focus Zetec Edition Estate, Ecoboost 1.0 auto. Have had Fords since my first car - mk2 Fiesta 1.4 Ghia in the metallic green! Great car, rusted in the end - manual choke! Young people today...no idea.........I went through more Fiestas, Focus then back to Fiesta. Rocked a transit connect for 3 years as well! Our best loved Ford (now don't shout) was our 08 plate Fusion. Great car and both my wife and i were happy driving it. Sadly it got rear ended and written off and we now have the Focus. Went for the estate for the load space for hobby weekends! Right...now off to start a topic on why my instrument cluster tells me the run ahead is 9999mls away! Cheers Simon