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  1. I was trying to say the bearing manufacturer Foxtrot Alpha Golf but got censored 🤣
  2. Heck, OK. Having done all that I'm at a loss. As you've checked your tyres for rubbing and found nothing, could it be another revolving element in the wheel area that's fouling when G-force pushes right, when you turn to the left I wonder. I know you replaced the wheel bearings, but the rear ones I bought just would not torque up to give the tolerance they should have done. My local garage said they only fit *****. The ones I got were not a brand name, although they are just a bit sloppy, not noisy.
  3. I’ll tell what I’ve had with my Fiesta of the same year. Not sure if what you’ve done refers to your front shock/springs in your post. For a while I noticed that the front end was sportily low (equally both sides) and was thinking yeah, well springs might compress with time a bit, etc, etc but I didn’t do much about it. I also noticed increased road noise over a period, but thought it might be wheel bearings as I know the rear ones have more play than they should (another story). I then noticed that when manoeuvring in the Sainso’s car park at near full right lock, I could hear a noise. I should of course looked into it at that point really and have subsequently beaten myself up about it for being a fool. Went out one day, got about 100 metres and heard bad tyre rubbing noises at the front when the steering was anything but almost straight. Got the car home… Just. What it was, was that both front springs had broken, causing the shock/s to be down on the rubbers (excessive road noise) and eventually, when more of the spring/springs broke, or settled differently in the shock’s cup, the tyres rubbed on the wheel arch liner. I know that the Fiesta and Fusion share the same shocks/springs, so I just thought I’d mention not to exclude the front suspension as a possible issue on your one. I bought all new Sachs parts to do both sides on mine but need the time to fix, which should be soon. Happy to share what I've bought if you have to buy front shocks yourself etc
  4. I was going to suggest this but thought the advice might be a bit risky, however now you’ve said it, maybe not. I did it on a 2 stroke once, slowly, out of interest, but that’s my problem. Having said that, I’d rather do it on the compression stroke in case I was sucked in like a genie into a bottle 🤣 I used to have the MK 1, 950, beige with a blue stripe. My dad had it before me and I recall that he had issues with the anti-run-on valve, so I think it was a thing with these and worth checking out, as you say. Interesting what you say about the ballast resistor and the 12v/6v stuff. I knew of their existence but thanks for explaining the ins and outs, you're an education man. I never had an issue with it so didn’t cross it’s path. It would be great to know what’s up with John’s car as it’s not a complicated one and it’s odd that not so much as a splutter has come out of it so far. PS, read your bit about the Allegro 😁
  5. Pity you weren’t there, would have enjoyed watching that : - ) The parts guys at this place are the bees knees and have known me for ages, it just the rest of them. Suffice to say, they ain’t had my trade for repairs since as I’d rather boil my eyes.
  6. Everything that anon says, but without a new set of plugs, I'd be tempted to clean them with a wire brush and gap them first. Zorst valve stuck? Could be, but how unlucky would you be for all four pots not to fire or at least try to. It would pay to get a compression tester just to exclude comp as an issue as testers can be cheap. This would show any issue that's compression (or lack of it) related. Weird s*** can happen even when a car is parked up. I've had a couple of front springs break overnight and an RD250 that had the crank counterbalance weight literally fall out while parked overnight, let alone for 10 years.
  7. I think Anon is bang on. Just thinking, unless you get the carb to play nicely, when you MOT it the emissions might be a bit horrid.
  8. If you take a plug out and turn it over, can you smell/see that you're getting petrol to the cylinder? Obvs use caution if you do that as there is then an air/fuel mix in the enviroment (hopefully) and a spark close by. If you have comression and ignition, most ICs will run if you squirt Quickstart or petrol down the carb intake just for testing (again use caution).
  9. Just to add another dimension to the mix. Bought a very low mileage almost mint KA and took it to a Ford dealership to get whatever the early mandatory service was, just to tick the boxes (grudgingly). Got a call from them to say they had broken the front windscreen. I turned up in person, basically to ask WTF and they said it happened when driving down the ramp in their multi story car park (probably overzealously). So, it seems this can be a mechanical factor sometimes. I think I also heard that the Austin All-agro’s windows used to pop out when you jacked it up, but it might be an urban myth. As for the dealership, they had the front to recommend I call my insurance company to get a replacement. I was lost for words. I told them they needed to replace it with like for like, a Saint-Gobain one as from factory. They dragged their feet so long I had to cave in as I needed the car and I got whatever they fitted, which actually has a strange slightly convex section at the top of the screen. How you live and learn…
  10. Think you might be right. Not sure if these sorts of things are water drain provision though. There are also probably deliberate tiny holes where a box section is welded and forms a completely enclosed void (gases, expansion etc) as well, but I've not noticed any.
  11. Hi all Strange question and one that show my lack of knowledge, but does anyone know what the various holes on the underside of the floor pan are there for? I get that there may be redundant alternative mounts for different models and the like (e.g. alt exhaust hanger pic attached pic-1) but I’m just interested in the larger round and elliptical holes (pic- 2 and 3) and smaller holes at the ends of the stamped strengthening channels (pic-4 and 5). I’m guessing some holes might be grab points used to align the panel by machine for assembly etc. Just wondering if anyone knew? This is the other half’s 2008 KA as a matter of interest.
  12. FYI - Got the new version with the union flag on it back 5 days after the online application. Pretty good turnaround and I've even got all my entitlements on it including what seems to be clutter of bike licence codes (or whatever the collective is) but thankfully it includes the full one...phew!
  13. Turvey, thanks for the insight. I know it can be a one way trip if they lose your records, so I think I’ll take your lead. Toms – Re the address, I’m not changing any status details, so it’s a straight renewal. In a way, doing it online at least allows the licence holder to f*** it up themselves. I took ages double checking what I had submitted and thought it might time-out on me, but it didn’t. I’d much rather cut the licence in half myself than watch someone else do it, even though it’s the same end result. unofix - In a nutshell, sounds about right : - ) Thanks all for the input
  14. Just wondering if anyone has renewed their licence recently? I got the letter for 10 yearly renewal and did it online. Lots of pages and verification of identity fields to enter, but got a confirmation of completion at the end, so yay! Thing is that you have to declare that you’ll cut your existing licence in half and send back to the DVLA. Now, I know there have been a lot of people who have been a victim of the DVLA cocking it up royally and telling them that they didn’t ever have a license and variations thereof. So, they’ve said my replacement licence should arrive in 10 working days, but I’m tempted to not return the existing one until I receive the replacement, as it’s proof of the full licence types I hold etc (in case they got my admin wrong). Does anyone know if they need to receive the old one before they issue the new one?
  15. Hi Askhan, welcome. Always fancied a Probe untill I saw Steve Coogan in Death of a Salesman - worth a watch.
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