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  1. There are a few exhaust centres that will take a look at it for free and give you a quote if they diagnose it as an exhaust system fault (Kwikfit, National etc). When they get old, they rot and rattle and if it rattles it could easily have a hole in which would give you the light aircraft engine sound. Pops and bags? Could the lack of back pressure make things erratic and cause this? Eliminate a shot zorst first. Otherwise, I’ll definitely stand corrected : - )
  2. FYI, Varta and Bosch are the same as I understand it and Bosch is just the status brand. I certainly rate Tayna, I've just bout a Varta for my mother in law for about £70 from them, where some places want about £150 for the same battery. It was well packed for delivery, in in a box in its liquid proof bag with a pressure valve stopper.
  3. Good call Dan. I had a bike that was doing this, letting air in on the vacum side of the carb years ago.
  4. Hi Lee I'm here for the same reason and my first Ford was a Fiesta MK1 950 which was bulletproof. Hope we cross paths here. All the best
  5. You’re absolutely right from a practical standpoint. My borough were early adopters of these damned things. When first installed they had lovely big white triangles painted on them to let you know where they were. The paint has long since faded to nothing and therefore rendered them easy to miss, esp at dusk or covered with leaves, snow etc. I do slow down for them, but admittedly, mostly only to avoid the damage. It seems like road planners are oblivious to where it’s most advantageous for these things to be installed. I’ve seen roads with no side turnings, hidden hazards, schools etc wh
  6. Tom, thank you sir, perfect answer, exactly what I wanted to know. Yes nice steel 14s that are harder to destroy and cheaper to replace when our great tax funded (or not) UK roads muller them. Interesting about Monroe. I wonder what their batting average is then.
  7. As a matter of interest what springs are you using and what was the purchasing decision based on, if you don't mind me asking? I'm just about to embark on replacing springs, shocks etc both sides and the copper grease question is a good one. Would copper grease attract grit causing a grit/grease paste to form between the spring and the cup, thereby being counterproductive I wonder?
  8. OK, I’ll put it another way, does anyone think it’s economically viable to buy genuine OEM ford shocks and springs rather than 3rd party ones? Or, anyone know any speed bump proof parts…snigger😄
  9. I’ve always had this idea of buying a cheap Silver Shadow and converting it to Calor gas or something cheap. Chip fat maybe? You just wouldn’t get the opportunity to wear an engine like that out. If it was serviced when you got it, you’d probably be able to do 50,000K before you touched it.
  10. Yeah, go on, you know you want it🤣
  11. Yup, same here. I've had this "wake up and the springs have gone" phenomena twice. If you Google around it's a real thing and happens all the time. Someone smart needs to look at this closer and let us all know why this happens.😀
  12. There's no replacement for displacement : - )
  13. Holy cow, springs on both sides! Aren't MOTs wonderful things. I've just posted to ask suspension advice on our fifth gen Fiestas as I've just had one go ping on mine. Best of luck Zesty!
  14. Hi I’ve just had one of my front springs break on me. It’s 10 years old and has given up at 20K miles, so I guess it must be one of those corrosion/fatigue issues. Does anyone know if it’s worth getting OEM shocks and springs rather than Monroe, Sachs, Bilstein etc. I know the factory ford springs did an urban 50K miles before breaking. I also know that with the Monroe shocks that were installed 5K ago I've just had MOT advice that they are weeping (so am I now). I think the bust spring’s taken the shock out with it, so I’ll need to buy two new struts, i.e. shocks, springs, mounts et
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