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  1. Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all, Well, now we're finally in 2018, it's time for the Dunston Hall meet to start again, I know it's early in the year for some but we'll still be there to meet and greet anyone who fancies a chat over a coffee/Tea, Fizzy Stuff etc. So we're not worried about what you turn up in as we'll be inside in the warm unless you feel like blowing the cobwebs Same time 12pm-3pm, same great place! Hope to see you there!
  2. Hi All, Just one from me……. Would just like to wish everyone on here especially those from the Dunston Hall & Hampton Meets who I have had the pleasure of meeting this year a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I’m hoping that next year especially for our local Dunston Meet that we can get more attendance not just from our local Members / Forums but also other Clubs & Forums that I have invited along, it’s a handful but I think we can work it! Hopefully in the New Year @SargeST (Ian) from the FocusSTOC Forum will have a new meet near Kings Lynn starting that we can also attend and support making the East of England a very active Region with lots of variety, so keep a look out for that one happening very soon! @Liam G still has the Bury & Ipswich meets on a Wednesday night and of course not forgetting @DarkHorse (Richards) Hampton Meet, so plenty of time for it not to clash with the Dunston meet Richard and finally don’t forget if you’re interested in an event/show whatever then let me know and we’ll see what we can do, I.e Ford Power Live!, Rolling Road Days, Days Out, Coffee…Whatever! So once again, thank you for your continued support as ever and have a safe festive Christmas & New Year and we’ll see you all soon! Next Dunston Hall meet Sunday 14th January between 12pm – 3pm
  3. Yeah, for me it was quite a run, especially the Bury one, it would then take 1½hrs to get home, so quite a late one.
  4. That's a shame as we see so many around, but it's how it is I'm afraid. There is one in Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds run by one of my colleagues, I think they're held at the retail parks on a Wednesday night from 7pm. I'd have to get details of when if you would like to go?
  5. Only a few turned up in the lovely sleety/snowy weather but as the weather gets better more will pop along. Just to add, Anyone is more than welcome, even though this meet was originally started by myself from the MSTOC, it's open to everyone and any clubs. I've already posted on ST-OC, STdriveRS, PassionFord, Ford Owners Club, Ford Club, a few Facebook Regional Groups and many more still to go. I'm not interested in poaching members, this meet is aimed at bringing Enthusiasts together from all over the East of England. All I ask is that you drive sensibly within the beautiful grounds of Dunston Hall, no revving or back-popping of exhausts and keep your stereo volumes low. I would really hate for us to lose this fantastic venue because of a silly moment. Dunston Hall is a fantastic venue, if you fancy a carvery on Sunday then pop in, or if you would like tea on the terrace or sit in the beautiful conservatory for a chat if the weather is unpleasant then they are more than accommodating. and lastly, if you want a photo in front of the Hall, then I'm sure that can be arranged. Let's just enjoy the cars and enthusiasts and I hope to see you all soon. 2nd Sunday of every month between 12pm - 3pm
  6. Just wondering if anyone has a Pin Out for a 2006 ST TDCi ECU? To be more precise these in question. Crank Position Sensor Tachometer ECU Drive Input PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) ECU Input TPS Sensor Cheers all
  7. Hey everyone, If you're looking for a East of England meet, then look no further, we have a fantastic venue situated at the Dunston Hall where food and drink is always available. Dunston Hall is on the outskirts of Norwich on the A140. We have been holding meets here for the last 8 months and is growing in popularity. So if you're around on any 2nd Sunday on the month then why not pop along and have a chat with liked minded Enthusiasts. All we ask is that you drive sensibly to and from the venue and no loud revving or sound systems please.
  8. Hello, Newbie from Lowestoft in Suffolk. We have 3 ST Ford's in the family, I own a 2006 Performance Blue TDCi ST Estate, the other half owns a 2003 Stardust Silver Mondeo ST220 and our son has just bought his 2007 Frozen White Fiesta ST.