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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies, I replaced all 3 mounts - engine, gearbox and anti-roll under the firewall. Will take a look at the exhaust as soon as I get a chance, might be something along those lines since other than the disconcerting noise and vibration it pulls just fine.
  2. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum, I joined hoping to get some help as this is driving me crazy. I have a 2006 Focus 2l petrol and for the last few months it's been making an odd clunking sort of noise under acceleration that seems to come from the driver side. There's a fairly loud metal on metal noise that can just be the random clunk when the clutch is released but turns into more of a grinding noise under acceleration in the first gears. It seems to be wheel torque related, doesn't happen when stopped or under light acceleration, not if the clutch is slipped very gently to make for a smooth launch. Also doesn't happen even at full throttle in the higher gears. It doesn't happen going over bumps or when turning. After researching some of the more common faults I've already replaced the three engine mounts and the right side drive shaft, but this is still going on. While replacing the shaft I got to check the ball joints on the wishbone and steering linkage and they seemed fine, hub bearing moves well and no sign of any leaks. I'm not sure what to look for next so open to suggestions, I'm now fearing a badly worn or damaged diff but hoping it won't come to that.