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  1. Hello, My Fiesta is at 170000 km and from some time it is behaving strange. It is a Fiesta 2003 with Semi Automatic gearbox. When moving off in traffic engine rpm go done about 500 rpms ( just ready to stall) then the ECU will kick in to bring it at about 1200-1500 rpms. I have to be quick from brake pedal to accelerator pedal not to have rpm s fall down. Changed throttle body but that solved nothing. Car has no IAC valve as it is an electronic throttle body. It seems like manual car when you release clutch without pushing accelerator. Car changes gear quite nicely and in highway runs normally. Will any vacuum leak cause rpms to go down? MAP sensor? Same happens in low gears when braking. rpms will go down ready to stall then ECU will increase them again.