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  1. pulling left under braking

    very common fault on fords if they are not serviced properly when the pads are renewed ie: copper slip the sliding pins then they do seize or bind causing pulling brakes
  2. owners manual

    If you mean the hand book ?? try your nearest Ford dealer as they keep plenty in stock I went to mine and got a full set of books
  3. Subframe Bushes??

    Hi yes it can be done by a home mechanic if you know what you are doing . Poly bushes are available and the sub fram alighing tools are available I got mine from Burton Power
  4. Air condition Problem

    Just for the record seeing that no one replied I bought a refill kit from Halfords and recharged the system for £40 which included the anti bacterial bomb . System now works great . I was quoted £120 by my local Dealer ???
  5. changing inner headlight lenses

    Hi I have replaced both the inner lenses twice now on our 1995 Mk 1 and both times I have done this by removing the top clips and easing the glass forward detaching the inner lenses I had to remove the top clips and the 1 on the inner edge next to the grille takes about 10 mins a side
  6. Hi anyone help my mk3 has no cold air at all and the air con doesnt work the heater blows hot air continually I have tried to get fault codes via the controls but it dont want to play ball
  7. MOT puzzle

    Hi it means that the lower suspension needs to be replaced . It has some play (movement )bonding I think you will find is the mounting bushes have come away from the arm but not enough to fail the MOT But I would advise you to do it or get it done asap Make sure you get Deisel arms as they are different from petrol ones
  8. Mk3 Anti Hijack

    Try this it worked on mine 1 Turn the ignition on till the dash lights come on do not start the engine 2 Lock the door using the top lever lock and then unlock it 3 times 3 Turn ignition of 4 Repeat line 2 but with ignition off 5 Turn ignition on you should hear a beep 6 Lock the door again once - final beep should be heard 7 Done
  9. Mk3 Anti Hijack

    Hi yes it should email me at david-clarke2406@o2.co.uk and I will send you the info
  10. mondeo headlamps

    Hi when I changed mine on my 1994 mondeo there were 5 clips but if you have small hands if you just release the top 2 and 1 from the outside edge you can carefully pull the glass forward and get to the inner lens took me app 5mins a side be carefull