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  1. relay location

    not sure what you mean
  2. relay location

    the problem i have very rarely the dipped beam stops on (light switch is off and key is removed )turn ignition on and off its corrects it self not sure what this could be
  3. relay location

    please could anyone tell me were the dip beam relay/s are locate on my focus mk3 petrol ( not sure if its engine bay or passenger footwell) and the r letter on handbook regards mark (hope this is located to the correct page)
  4. sorry I put this problem on the wrong section (new member)silly me before I start I would like to wish all members happy Christmas and new year strange one( has anyone experienced this ?) I own a 2011 mk3 zetec first thing when opening any door I get a popping noise coming through the speakers approx eight times no radio on at this time after time it stops( problem seems to happen when car is cold) thinking on the lines of a faulty speaker I changed them and checked wiring to both speakers and head unit but no the same problem is there my next port of call is the head unit (possible internal fault) I guess audio stuff goes through the unit? I have looked around and ford want silly money and breakers are reluctant to have returns I have been told that if the engineering number and radio spec (DAB etc) it should be a straight swop and connections on the rear are the same my biggest worry with replacement is loosing my rear parking sensor display on radio MFD I have been told (not sure its true)that if I have to change the radio MFD (if head unit don't cure problem)it has to be programmed into the car by ford please help mark
  5. focus mk3 popping speakers

    hi to all members and happy christmas /new year(new member) weird one I own a 2011 focus zetec petrol mark three please help every morning when drivers door is opened the speakers start popping around approx eight times (this is before radio is on) and clears and anything is normal thinking its was a faulty speaker ( so I changed all speakers and checked both wiring including cd player)(better quality)still the same the only thing I think it could be is the cd player (possible a dry joint as car warms up it ok)i assume everything audio goes through cd player my next problem is sourcing a replacement cd player (as ford want stupid money +breakers don.t always except returns) my unit has DAB and voice command I have seen some for sale were the same engineering number except the last letters are different(and same radio spec) and I am not sure if radio is coded or plug and play and if I will loose my rear parking sensor display on my MFD or the sony unit is interchangeabe (wiring sockets and aerial connectors look the same)(see one from a focus Bmax) sorry to go on just want it sorted before christmas regards mark c