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  1. I had a '62' 1.6 182 titanium X estate with all the bells and whistles until December last year. In general it has a good rate of acceleration supposedly 7.9sec 0-60 and a top speed of 138mph. Superbly stable at speed travelling back from Hanover in Germany I managed 143mph according to the SatNav on a slight downhill section of autobahn. It was very brief and never again attempted. The 182 has a little extra puff than the 150, you can hold on in the gears a split second longer but you'd barely notice it in normal driving. Insurance is low, I was paying £235 per year. The downside to this car was fuel consumption, in normal mixed driving the average was 33mpg, on the motorway it topped out at 43mpg, not quite what Ford promised. The only issue I had with it was a mystery coolant loss which required top ups every other month. I drove the 1.5 182 last year and it felt just a tad inferior to the 1.6 182 in acceleration in that it lacked a last gulp of air. A K&N airbox makes it sound better too. The 1.5 was introduced because of emissions and economy which I think was a retrograde step. A remap can get you maybe another 18-20bhp but it's not necessary. Get an ST instead. i now have a new Mondeo and the performance is pretty much the same with a higher top speed.
  2. I have lane assist and keep it switched off in the menu. I think the lane assist works off the camera located in front of the mirror. If it is not software related then it could be a faulty camera or relay. Pop the relevant fuse out to see if it is a problem with the camera. The car will tell you of the error but by removing the fuse the self centering might stop. Check the relevant relay too. Try to narrow it down. The only recent recall was for LED lights.
  3. I have just changed from a Focus 1.6 180 Ecoboost to a Mondeo 2.0 210 Diesel. In my case both these vehicles have similar performance both 0~60 and top speed (if I were daft enough). My average mileage per year over the last two years has been around 4600 as I only tend to use the car at weekends. According to the research I have done on diesels with the DPF, your driving will be more than sufficient to pose no problems for you. The costs of running either a diesel or a petrol engine are very very similar over 60,000 miles there is very little between them long term. You get more mpg in a diesel, but diesel costs more. Look after and service the car regularly, costs will also be similar. With generally high engine torque a diesel has lots of midrange pulling power and cruises at just over idle. Petrol engines sound better under acceleration especially with a sound symposer but you may need to work the gears more. So for me, I miss the roarty exhaust of the petrol but not the 33mpg, as for the diesel, It has a dual clutch auto, I like the lazy easy auto gear changes, I like the 47-55mpg. I like the effortless overtaking and the 450nm of torque. As to reliability, previous Ford Cars includes the mileage from and to when I owned them. 1. Petrol Escort 1.6 head gasket failed at new-134,000 miles scrapped. 2. C-max 1.6 Diesel 16-80,000 (54 plate) which I gave to my dad and still going strong. 3. C-max 2.0 Diesel 12-138,000 (56 plate) never had a problem, part ex it. 4. Focus 1.6 petrol 180 (62 plate) with a never resolved v slight coolant leak part ex at 5-34,000 miles last December but never off the road and always reliable. The choice as they say is yours. Final point, Government is demonising diesels, some cities like London charge you for the privilege of owning one, yet the newest diesels and regenerative DPF pollute less. Personally with your commute I'd go diesel and opt for an auto, but maybe not the dry clutch version in the Focus.
  4. Lars G


    What I can say is the the Nextbase Dash Cam I installed did not like the fuse tap being round the wrong way, it kept switching on and switching off. Once the fuse tap was installed correctly the dash cam operated correctly. I can only assume that because the flow from the live travelled the wrong way it caused some voltage fluctuation which as it branched off both live to the dash cam and towards the earth. This in turn made the dash cam turn on and off. Both fuses were rated at 7.5. If the fuse tap is installed backwards but say you have a a couple of 100W spot lamps installed which necessitates a 20amp fuse and you are draw power from the same circuit as a 1amp accessory fuse it may cause problems. So while what you say is correct up to a point there is still a wrong way and a correct way to install a fuse tap. In my case it did affect the installation.
  5. Lars G


    Question? How have you wired the dash cam into the car? Power socket or piggy back fuse? If you are using a piggy back fuse installing the piggyback fuse (fuse tap) the wring way round can make the dash cam malfunction as you are describing. I installed one the wrong way round and it kept switching the cam on and off continually for a few seconds at a time. I turned the piggy backfuse round and it worked perfectly. Piggy back fuses have to be installed correctly and you will need to know on wha side the fuse is live. Fuse 85 I think I used.
  6. Never stay with the same insurance company if they put your premiums up. If they do, the first thing to do it go on a comparison site and get a general idea of what you might have to pay. Do this at least a month before your insurance is due. The closer to the date the worse the quote because they know you are under time pressure. If you get a better quote go back to the company you are with and ask if they will match the price. Generally for the second year they will, unless you have made a claim. Tesco even gave me an additional £50 voucher and extra Clubcard points to stay. There are always first year discounts to be had especially if you agree to go on an auto renewal. The auto renewal can be cancelled at anytime and the company must send you a a new quotation before the year is up. Even with auto renewal you are under no obligation to stay. If you can, pay up front, otherwise you will be paying a stupid amount of interest on top of the premium which is in effect a loan. Brokers can be good, but remember a substantial amount of your premium will go in their pocket as commission. in the last four years my Insurance has not gone up either on my car or my van, in two of those years it actually came down. Average cost of insurance over 4 years, Focus £233, Commercial Van £221, combined mileage per year 22,000. i know younger drivers get fleeced but by shopping around you will still find a better deal. Finally, declare the mods, whether it's non standard wheels or a remap. The insurance companies love a get out clause.
  7. "British horseback riders used to ride on the left hand side of the road, thus keeping their right arm free to offer greetings to passersby or, if needs be, draw their sword. However, in The USA teamsters used to sit on the left hand horse while driving a wagon and therefore keep their right handfree for whipping " Having moment of confusion...
  8. There are a number of rules in relation to the fitment of HID lights. For instance did you know that depending on what country you drive in, and the heat output of the light, there is a requirement to have fitted headlamp washers. If I am correct this is a requirement in this country too. Apparently as they run hot road dirt sticks to them like glue. Secondly they need self levelling motors. manual levelling is not allowed. On my previous Focus 2012 I used the auto light feature and each time they came on you could see that they self levelled. While the HID conversion kits are legal to sell, they are not legal to use. Incidentally, my Mondeo has those adaptive headlights and is not fitted with headlamp washers as it is no longer a requirement because the LEDs run cooler. They give good output but are not as 'bright' as my Focus HID lights were. I found HID lighting at night had too much of a cut off and on country roads it meant I had to use full beam a lot more, unlike halogen light which spilled out a little further. Personally I get irritated by the number of poorly adjusted lights, those that think it is a good idea to put 100W bulbs in and 4x4's with headlights that can let you read a book a mile away. I have heard that the rules on headlights will be tightened up over the next year or two and additional checks will be added to the MOT. Chances are it will take longer than that. The bottom line is that any MOD to your car can invalidate your insurance if you haven't declared them. If you are a younger driver Insurance Companies love to find a get out of paying clause.
  9. We live on a Left Hand Drive Island, we drive ON THE LEFT not on the right so the lights should be switched to LHD. This does not mean we sit on the right with is were the confusion reigns. If you are still getting problems with the lights select LHD and then have the properly adjusted.
  10. Firstly fuse number 35 is ignition on in the footwell. Sounds simple, use a fuse tap and hey presto... No such luck. The Micro 2 fuse number 35 is small and low profile. It sits in the fuse box and is surrounded by a plastic lip. Fuse taps have to be installed the correct way round. Unfortunately the plastic lip of the fuse box GETS IN THE WAY and the fuse tap cannot be inserted into the fuse holder. Talk about frustration. Fuses 26, 27, 28 are all either 30A or 20A and live. Otherwise as per the photo the fuses are recessed. If only a fuse tap existed in a left hand rather than right hand orientation. Looks like I will have to tap into the overhead console. That flaming plastic recessed fuse box. It was a 10 minute job on my old Focus.
  11. At this point I would have sold the car and bought one with CC already installed. This is however an interesting thread. It reminds me of a guy I used to know who worked on quality control at Speke during the Ford Escort days. He bought a base model Escort and as it went down the production line all the range topping wiring looms were installed by his mates. Three weeks after delivery he had a top of the range car, most of the extra parts were of course smuggled out... and he installed them. Anyway, let's hope it all works out. Don't give up.
  12. If you only bought it in December and it is a major problem you could get your money back or get the person who sold it to you to pay towards the cost. "sold as seen" is a meaningless term if the vehicle has a major underlying problem. It has to be of reasonable and roadworthy condition. Small claims court forms are easy to come by and fill in. It's unreasonable to buy a car and then have to spend £1000's on it within three weeks unless you bought it for a tenner and were aware of the problem.
  13. I had some sensors retro fitted to a C-Max by dealership though I got it at cost because I did some work for the Service Manager. If I remember correctly it wasn't a big job, a few holes drilled in the plastic bumper, a bleeper fitted in the boot and a couple of wires attached to the reversing light circuit. Left it with them for half a day. I think Ford would charge around £200-250 to fit them and match the paint.. though it only cost me around £60.
  14. If it had been a French car it would be seen as normal operating procedure. I have a Citroen Van, it acts like it is possessed, I have had the inside door handles open and close repeatedly as if having a fit, Windows that I want to go down go up, Windows I want to go up go down and several times I have come back to the van and all the windows have opened fully. However, on my old Focus 2012 and a 2006 C-Max occasionally the key went out of sync with the locks. Using the key rather than the remote reset it, opening and locking the doors a few times put everything right. Something with the key matching the security code in the car.
  15. There's very little difference between premium tyres, you'd normally have to split hairs when it comes to the performance between them, whatever the premium brand they are. However there is a big performance difference between a premium tyre and "stick the cheapest tyre you got on there mate". Whatever tyre you choose, make sure you check the date of manufacture that is printed on the side.