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  1. Soapy66

    1.8tdci temp prob?

    Mine too, do 16 miles each way to work, then 100 miles of motorway home on a Friday and the gauge seems to hover around the 70 degree mark. Lost the company van in June, so didn't know whether it was driving in the winter that caused it? As the others say, the heater always works.
  2. Soapy66

    Alternator concerns. 1800 TDCI 2005

    That you Isetta, that is a possibility, well the belt goes around 7 pulleys and tensioners so not sure how easy it is to remove, thank you for the input.
  3. Hi all, my 2005 Focus 1800TDCI running fine, but now and again, the lights dim, the car chugs momentarily and then all is good again, am getting metallic noises occasionally too, but being dark when I leave and get home hard to pin point where they are coming from, battery voltage is 12.8V when idle and 14.5V when running with lights full on, suspect the alternator, told by dealership it is a 105Amps unit I need, but I am confused by the array of ones listed on the auto factors sites, one of their sites lists the engine code as KKDA. The original alternator has a label saying 0000019421-51 and 175320. This doesn't come up on a search on Google. No lights come up on the dashboard like the charging or the engine management either. Regards. Paul.
  4. Hi all, car still running and charging, but occasionally the headlights dim for a moment on my TDCI Focus, and the alternator makes the occasional metallic grinding noises, suspect the alternator, is it an easy swap? Is the alternator for 2005 model 1800 TDCI only for that car. Also the pictures I have seen on Ebay of spare ones just seem to show a flange on the end of the shaft too, was expecting a W pulley? Regards Paul.