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  1. Engine flush

    If i'm not mistaken, the engine in a 1.3 Fiesta of that vintage is the ancient 'endura' engine, not the more modern 1.25. Personally I would go for the flush so long as it wasn't too much extra money. I tend to flush prior to an oil change, but I just go to Halfrauds and buy the cheapest oil in there, drain out the old oil and put the cheap stuff in and run it for a couple of days then drain (and change the oil filter) and put new (decent) stuff in.
  2. Replacing Shocks - '96 MK1 Mondeo

    Thanks for your help - I checked the spring when I put it inro the strut - its seated in both the upper and lower mounts correctly. This photo might be able to show what I mean a little more clearly. Its almost as if the top of the shock needs to be pushed down slightly, but then it will only pop back up, surely? The whole design seems a bit lax to be honest...Any more ideas anyone?
  3. Hi all - I've had a late MK1 mondy for 2 years and up until now its given excellent service - but the drivers side shocker has started leaking, so i've bought a new front pair (i'm reasonably handy with the spanners) I took the old one off, rebuilt the strut with the thrust bearing, upper spring mount etc - all good. So I put the strut onto the car - bolted it into the hub no probs, BUT the threaded top part of the shock (with the allen key fitting inside) and the 'retainer' nut sits too high - so when I open up the bonnet to put the little round rubber & metal plate on top of it - the 'little round rubber/metal bit' is about 3-4mm about the suspension turret - surely it should just rest on it nicely. I tightened up the first reatiner nut to the specified torque setting - i'm a bit perplexed as to what I can do - any ideas anyone?