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  1. I wrote to ctec a while ago asking if I could use the agm setting for an efb battery. Had an emai back from them saying yes I could and have successfully done so.
  2. I Also have a 63 titanium x focus. The start/stop was very intermittent and would work after a long run. Then I was warned by Ford during a yearly service that the battery was only 50 % capacity. Charged up using a ctec intelligent charger and all was ok for a few months. This month moved car about 2 yards to wash it and it wouldn't restart. Recharged to move back and then purchased a new Varta EFB battery ( As per original spec) All is now well and stop/start works every time
  3. I too have problems with oncoming lights from other cars. I had a photograph taken the other day which involved having my pupils dilated before hand. Walked home and nearly got run over twice due to people parking across crossing and all I could see was a sheet of white light coming the other way. I tend to avoid driving in the dark as much as I can for this reason. PS I was also reluctant to drive at 20 years of age for the same reasons
  4. I would agree with iantt Just had a ford servive and they stated the 6 year old battery was only 50 % charged. Even after a 360 plus mile jnourney the stop start didnt work. Charged the battery up with a CTEC charger and lo and behold stop start was working. Not for long though. Guess the battery is starting to age.
  5. I too have a 63 titx which Iam looking to change. One thing that puts me off the active x is the sunroof Why? My car is a 182 bhp version with 27k on the clock which I am told is quite rare. Wife wants a higher car which brings the Active into perspective but the spec dosnt match the new Vignale. I would want the 1500 182 bhp version
  6. Dont worry wait until we get driver less cars 😀 The boing 737 max 3 comes to mind never rely on S/w alone
  7. I Have had both recalls done (Cooling and clutch 1.6 182 BHP Focus 25000 miles 2013 reg) I must admit I have had no problems with the cooling system prior or post the recall. I do check regularly. The clutch recall seems to have eradicated the judder on take up as well. Was happy to purchase a 1.5 3 cylinder as my final car ( had Fords all my life 40 plus years) but issues with oil pressure switches and particle filter alarms are putting me off
  8. Sorry Tom I have to disagree. I was always taught get it right first time, after all how much does it cost for all the recalls etc never mind the public perception of the brand. To tell people they need to drive up a motorway just adds to the polution uneccessary. As far as electric vehicles go they may be clean at the point if use but the electricity needs to be generated and the material for the batteries needs to be mined
  9. So much for economy if you have to thrash a new car down the Motorway. Ive alwas had Fords for 40 plus years and my 1.6 Mk3 ecoboost is the worst I have had for faults and recalls. Was going to buy a 1.5 Vignale as my last car but having second thoughts now. What ever happened to testing and ironing out these issues before they get to market ? All i can think of is perhaps the bean counters have their say before it gets to market!!!!
  10. One of the things I look for when sevicing is the free roadside assistance. About £40 is you go thro your insurance company.
  11. Does the whine change when you rev it?
  12. Sounds Like Pinking . Have you checked for and codes?
  13. Not sure what the mechanics of the induction system are hear but I had a vauxhall which had a throttle body and it contained an idle valeve which bypassed the butter fly. This would ocasionall stick causing the car to cut out . A clean with carb cleaner would cure it
  14. Not quite the same topic but a friend of mine looks after his grandsons KTM moto cros bike and put the wrong DOT fluid in the brakes. The result being the seals swelled and had to be replaced so be warned using the incorrect oil in the engine. After all some of the best synthetic oil is 0 w sae .
  15. I suppose the truth would be if anyone has used an endoscope to see how much carbon build up there is BP/Shell V Supermarket fuel. I know most of the recommendations have been to use Shell V power for the cleaning addatives . Interesting debate given direct injection these days.