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  1. Boomlander

    Modified Fusion

    Fitted the Mk1 headlight units with Silvatec indicator bulbs. Very pleased with the result. Also replaced the feeble sidelight push fit bulbs with Samsung LED units......Brilliant improvement - 50 times brighter with pure white light and only £8.59 a pair. Going to fit the same LED bulb in the boot as well , the present light makes it darker when it comes on!
  2. Boomlander

    Auto Trans Fluid Check

    Thanks once again for your help guys. I will have a rummage under the bonnet (If it ever stops raining!)
  3. Boomlander

    Auto Trans Fluid Check

    Hi all, My fabulous Haynes manual makes no mention of the full auto transmission on my 2008 Fusion. Daft question but how do I go about checking the fluid level? Is it done from under the bonnet or under the car?
  4. Boomlander

    Modified Fusion

    Many thanks Sir, I think the amber lenses spoil the look of the car's face so I will be investing in a set of clear units. 😀
  5. Boomlander

    Modified Fusion

    Hi Folks, Am I to understand that clear Headlamp/Indicator units can be fitted to a Fusion with amber front indicators?
  6. Boomlander

    Ford Fusion Owners?

    Just bought my Fusion 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to using it as soon as I can sell my present daily driver.☺
  7. Boomlander

    Glove Box Coating

    Thank you so much for the excellent advice.............Even better from another Tull enthusiast!
  8. Boomlander

    Glove Box Coating

    Hi All, New to the club and sorry if this has already been covered. The top glovebox lid on my Fusion seems to be covered in a rubbery non slip coating which is badly marked and scratched and I was wondering if anyone has found a simple way of renovating it. The box itself does not want to come out easily - is there a knack to removing it ? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Boomlander

    Pleased to Meet You

    Hi All, Just bought a 2008 Fusion Zetec Climate as I needed an automatic and was overwhelmed with all the buttons and gizmos compared to my previous car. What a spacious comfortable car it is and I wish I had got one years ago. I'll be posting a few queries in the near future and I'm sure there are knowledgeable folks willing to help. In the meantime I'll be reading the forum posts and looking forward to chatting with you all. Thanks...........It's great to be here!