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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread but could this be the throttle pedal failing? It is fly-by-wire and the signal under light throttle may not be getting through.
  2. Ford Focus TDDi has died

    Morning and Hello, Yesterday about a mile from leaving work my car died :( Its a 2000 Focus 1.8 TDDI with 75k on it. This is what happened.... Pulled out of a junction and turned up a steepish hill, went into 2nd then a quick splutter and engine cut out. Managed to get to the side of the road. Popped the bonnet and took off the fuel return pipe where it goes into the filter and there was no fuel in it. Anyway, got a lift home and return later with bro-in-law to tow it home. I brought some diesel with me and filled up the fuel filter, cranked it over and the fuel was getting drawn through to the pump. However the fuel filter was getting replenished, so I am thinking problem somewhere between tank and filter, blockage or tank pick-up pipe failed? The tank was over 3/4 full. A couple of times recently whilst under load I have got an occasional 'misfire' and the feeling of like fuel starvation but 99% of the time it drives spot on. This is why I am thinking its fuel related as opposed to electrical. My plans are to... 1) Try and draw fuel from the tank to the filter manually, to see if there is a blockage or no pick-up from the tank 2) Crack off a fuel pipe union at each injector to see if fuel is getting through the pump to the injectors 3) Check to see if timing belt has snapped 4) Cry if the pump is knackered :D Does anyone have any other suggestions that I can do myself before having to call out a mobile diesel specialist? I am not sure if there are any fault codes as I can't remember the glowplug light flashing when it died, it all happened too quick and I was trying to concentrate on getting the car off the road. Appreciate any help that is offered