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  1. 2010powen

    MK2 focus (05) red hot dash

    Hi 1979 Damian got it spot on. The cowel around bottom of matrix had been damaged when refitted. Thus letting all the hot air escape
  2. 2010powen

    mk2 focus wishbone change

    Hi all been a long time since been on. Wishbones were in fact very easy to do and yes there are 2 different sizes 18 and 21. The manufacturer I used didn't colour code to what I had read in the hanyes manual so I quick call to suppliers and a quick measure and I was good to go
  3. Hi does anyone have a ecoboost that has a tinny rattle coming from near the turbo heat shield or maybe the actuator? It's only there at low revs and can only really hear it with the windows open but is really annoying.
  4. Hi all having recently bought a 66plate fiesta from my local car supermarket with 23k on the clock, I noticed the pads were a little low so I took it back today and had them fit new disc and pads. However they haven't fitted motorcraft parts. Instead they have fitted PAGID. I Questioned the salesman on this and he assured me that it wouldn't after the warranty. I always fought you had to use ford only parts during the warranty period? Any knowledge on this would be much appreciated.
  5. 2010powen

    Hot Footwell!!

    Hi finally an update. Was actually really simple to find the problem. I removed the plastic trim at the bottom of the footwell ( 1 bolt ) and at the bottom of the heater matrix there is what looks like a plastic base. Mine is all broke ( am guessing from when previous owner had the matrix replaced ) so is allowing all the warm air to escape. Had a look at the mother in law's car and hers is all intact and not leaking any air. How I am going to repair this, I have no idea. My guess is I'll remove all trim and see if any way can get broken piece out. But that's for another day lol!!
  6. 2010powen

    Drive Tec wishbones

    Hi has anybody ever use drive Tec wishbones and have an opinion on the quality? Thanks
  7. 2010powen

    mk2 focus wishbone change

    hi does any body know how difficult the wishbones are to change and any advice? normally I wouldn't be fazed and just go at it but being the last ones I did were on a mk3 mondeo and was a absolute pig!!! I fought I would ask some advice first lol.
  8. 2010powen

    Hot Footwell!!

    hi peter, to be honest haven't really looked into it as I've been meaning to call at a scrap to see if maybe something is missing on mine ( maybe a heat shield or something?) but has it happens, the mother in law is buying the same car in a few weeks, so when she does I am going to have a good look at hers and see if theres any differences. will update once I have
  9. 2010powen

    Hot Footwell!!

    Hi Sam. Did u ever get to the bottom of this issue? I've got the same problem on my focus.
  10. 2010powen

    MK2 focus (05) red hot dash

    Thanks well that clears that up for me, still leaves me puzzled as to why it's so warm in my footwell, for instance I've just been out in it wearing shorts and it burnt my leg when it touched it. The heat does seem to be coming from the 2 metal pipes, I am wondering should there be some kind heat shield?? I know the matrix had been replaced in the past, could something have been left off maybe??
  11. 2010powen

    MK2 focus (05) red hot dash

    Little update. Took focus on a decent run this morning. This time with temp set on coldest. Heaters working perfectly, nice an cold and ice cold with air con on. Still really hot in the drivers footwell tho, like the bolts that hold the plastic will burn my fingers hot!!! There seems to be 4 pipes that come from the engine compartment (2 metal 2 rubber) both metal are red hot ( I always fought 1should be cool ) and the rubbers are cold ( I think these go to the air con ) I was thinking maybe the heater control valve but I would expect to have heater issues if it was that???
  12. 2010powen

    MK2 focus (05) red hot dash

    Hi all, finally took my 2005 1.6 ti-vct for a decent run ( 1st time in my ownership ) bout hour down the motorway. After a while I noticed it was getting really toastie in my footwell so I turned my heat down. A while later I noticed it was still really really toastie! So started feeling about and all the plastic around the drivers footwell, the bottom of the steering, even my keys were really warm. Now I've messed around with cars all my life but this is a first for me!! I've had a quick look on the net an it seems I am not the only none who has had this but every post I've looked at has not gave me a deafo cause of the issue. Has anybody had and cured this? The heaters work great and temp needle sits just off center as I had the thermostat replaced when I bought it. Can't say however if it will blow cold air but I am going to take it on a run tomorrow and see. I also had the cam belt an auxiliary belts replaced last week. Did check behind the dash and the 2 metal pipes that go into the matrix were red hot. Not sure if that's normal or not??? Any help would be great thanks.
  13. hi all, I recently purchased a 2005, 1 owner, full history, focus 1.6 ti-vct from an elderly couple. At 1st I fought I had found a perfect car but seems the more I drive it then the more things I seem to find. At the moment I have noticed at a certain junction I use every day ( hill start ) as I start to pull off in 1st the car seems to bog down ( almost like a flat spot ) so I have to push the gas down harder to get it going, or as ive been doing lately is pull off at 3-4000 revs rather than the more sensible 2000. is now become a bit more of an issue as now the wife has past her test, she is the one who is going to be using it the most an last thing I want is it bogging down an cutting out on her. I have notice that it has got the ti-vct rattle on cold start up an my miles per gallon are awfull! The engine is always cold at this junction ( I haven't tired it when warm yet) and I am doing a lot of short cold trips lately. I have recently had the thermosat changed. I also notice some one had bent what looked like a vac pipe over and zip tied it. I undid it, not sure were it came from or went to. going to zip it back up tomorrow. anyone any ideas? thanks paul
  14. hi did U ever find a fix for this issue, minds doing similar except also getting p0335 code on my reader. Change the crank sensor and still the same