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  1. Thanks Rob, I'll let you know how I get on. Link to recording: Sorry about the SAT NAV voice and chirping birds, but you can clearly hear the knock. https://send.firefox.com/download/ac66fabc7e221e66/#c473r9NNKsqGMivrq3P4uQ
  2. Hi Kevin, I don’t believe so, however, since Brexit and now Covid I drive a lot with the radio off, as I got sick of listening the news, and I guess that’s when I started to notice it, so it’s been there for about 7 months now, probably longer. I think the knock has got worse over time as I can now hear it with the radio on, I forgot to mention during winter when cold, the knock is not very noticeable until the car has warmed up, in this weather it’s there from the get go. I’ll try the dealer again, just not looking forward to the conversation and the rigmarole all over again! I was hoping to confront them with some anecdotal evidence from other Powershift owners. Many thanks.
  3. Sorry this is a late reply, you probably made your choice a while ago. I’m running Vredestein Quatrac 5 All Season tyres, very pleased, smooth and quiet. I got just over 31K out of my Pirelli’s which I rotated at 19K, so all 4 would needed replacing in the end. I wanted a change of brand from the Pirelli’s. I will stick with the Vredestein’s from now on, so I’ll not be rotating these, just change in pairs when required. Cost about £180 each with fitting.
  4. Thanks guys, it's not the fuel in the tank, I'm very familiar with that sound, this is knock from the front of the car, doesn't sound like an engine mount either. I've recorded it, hopefully you can listen to it, should be valid for 7 days. Sorry about the SAT NAV voice and chirping birds, but you can clearly hear the knock. Hopefully the URL below doesn't get deleted... https://send.firefox.com/download/ac66fabc7e221e66/#c473r9NNKsqGMivrq3P4uQ
  5. Hi Kevin, thank you for your reply, really appreciated. I would have hoped the dealer would know what the issue is and sort it under warranty at no additional cost to themselves, they’re a main Ford consumer and commercial dealer. I don’t want to name names here, but I find I’m having to research my findings and present back to them to get them to look at it rather than fob me off which is a stress in itself. From what I’ve learned so far, is that disconnecting the battery will not help, and only resets the PCM, it’s the TCM that needs reprogramming “Learning” as you mentioned. As the issue is only apparent when resuming from coasting, I started to look at that and the only information I can find regarding a “coast clutch” is for the torque converting gearbox. A lot of my driving is mixed, stretches of motorway, then urban areas, it’s here where it’s more noticeable, with all the stop, starting, crawling, breaking etc. I have no oil leaks at all, bone dry under the car, it drives lovely, and changes through the gears perfectly smooth, the knock\clunk is only apparent when resuming from coasting in any gear, so it must be between the final transmission and the drive, almost like a solenoid on/off engagement rather than a smooth clutch engagement. The dealer has already had my car in for it, and gave it me back saying it’s a characteristic of the gearbox, and I’m no expert on the Powershift/AWD mechanics, but I could fathom the schematics if I could find any relating to the Edge drive system. I’m off this week so I have time to dig deeper, I’ll try speaking to a few dealers, as I’m guessing it doesn’t matter which dealer I take it to whilst under warranty, although I have a service plan with this one in particular. Thanks.
  6. Wow, nobody can answer my question. I'm a key worker, do about 100-150 miles a day, my warranty is about to end, it has been fully serviced at a Ford dealership via my service plan. I'm assuming that the knock/clunk is unique to my car due to no replies.
  7. A question for Edge drivers with the Powershift Automatic. I’m getting a audible knock sound under acceleration after breaking or coasting, the knock doesn’t happen when pulling off, nor when accelerating through the gears, however, when at speed if I coast(foot off the accelerator), or break (I’m assuming the clutches disengage at this point), then when I apply the accelerator next there is a knock as if the clutch is not engaging smoothly (like dumping the clutch pedal if I had one), but it doesn’t cause a jolt or anything, just the single knock sound. I’ve never heard this when I had a Mondeo with PowerShift gearbox, so I’m wondering is it an AWD drivetrain thing. I’ve been to the dealer with it, and they’ve said it’s a characteristic of the gearbox which I can accept, but doesn’t sound right. As I’ve got nothing to compare it to, I thought I’d ask you guys. Just want to be sure before my warranty runs out in June. Also, I should mention it’s just had its 36k mile full service including gearbox oil change, but it didn’t make a difference, the knock is still there. It’s easy enough to test, turn your radio off, coast, press accelerator, it sounds like I’m knocking my centre console with my knuckles. If I’m not alone, I’ll be reassured it’s nothing to worry about.
  8. Been sporting my replacement headlight for just over a week now (last Wednesday), and not a single issue so far so looking good, I was getting a failure pretty much on a daily basis before, and sometimes multiple times in one day. I had the Headlamp Control Module (HCM) replaced early on, but this didn't make a difference. If I get through the month, then that'll be the end of it I'm hoping.
  9. Mine is finially getting the headlamp (drivers-offside) replaced, dropped the car off today, I'll let you know how I get on, bear in mind I've had this issue since last November!! Also be mindful, that when the error occurs you will be unable to use your mainbeam flashers for communication, I have to use hand signals when letting others out of junctions etc. So don't be alarmed if people don't react, they've probably got no idea of your intentions!
  10. I’d say something not right with it, have you tried the cruise control with intelligent speed limiter? About 3 times now whilst on the motorway it’s read the “This vehicle is limited to 50 mph” speed symbol on the back of a truck and slammed the brakes on, the first time I wondered what the hell was going on and disengaged immediately, left me a little shaken as the motorway was free flowing. I would have thought it would know the speed symbol was on a moving vehicle on not on the roadside or overhead gantry. So I tried it a couple more times, and when passing vehicles with a limited to ??mph speed symbol on the back the car reads it and adjusts the speed, even though I’m in a different lane overtaking them!! If cars are going to read road signs in the future and alter the driving dynamics of the vehicle this needs to be taken into account. Or are Ford behind the curve in this area compared to others? It’s now a feature I’ll not use again, I’ll just stick to adaptive cruise. Recipe for disaster at the moment.
  11. I've only had it once, when I was reversing in February, not had it since. However, I remember the winter sun was making my rear view mirror un-viewable too, maybe that upset the camera?
  12. I was a passenger in my friend’s car travelling towards Shrewsbury via the M54, and the weather was awful, absolutely hoofing it down, and of course was stunned by the amount of idiot drivers with no lights on, and those whom think their daytime running lights also illuminate the rear, where on most cars they don’t. Anyway, a fellow Edge driver was tootling along on the inside lane without his lights on, or so I thought. As we approached it, became apparent they were on, but barely visible. I could make out they were on, and the lights across the boot lid. We were about 10 feet away on the outside lane when he took the exit towards Telford. I was appalled on how poor the illumination was compared to other vehicles, the car in front of him was a VW T-ROC and that was perfectly visible, and were so many other vehicles without the need for their fog lights. I’m not sure if they are affected by it not being night, so don’t illuminate as much, or when activated by the auto-wipers, either way. I’d recommend turning on your rear fog lights in heavy rain.
  13. I've had this happen over 30 times now and has been persistent since November last year, and has been back to the dealer numerous times, the last visit they replaced the headlight control module HCM, but the same issue still persists. Problem is, as the unit doesn’t appear to log any useful error information they can’t pinpoint the issue. I’d rather they replace the lot under warranty, send it back to Ford so they can play with till their hearts content on a test bench. Fortunately, the issue occurred whilst with the dealer, they said the HCM disappears completely from their Ford scanning equipment, then the error occurs, hence the replacement. Thought it maybe crashing or have a power issue or something. What amazes me, is that with so many linked systems no proper error logging occurs, and imagine having this fault out of warranty, where you would have to pay the dealer for every step of their exploration into the fault. I’d be well ticked off for stumping up for the HCM that hasn’t fixed the issue so far. I’ve got 1 year of warranty left, hopeful it gets resolved soon, booked back in for this month, fingers crossed.
  14. Didn't know I had this function, works perfect, the memory buttons are the (1,2,3) buttons on the drivers door if you've got electric seats, I use 1 for me, 2 for my wife. Press and hold until it bleeps. I did both mirrors, one after the other.