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  1. Sorry for the (very) late answer... 😅 I still got the noise and the engine run well. I ordered a damper pulley, i will change it when i'll have time. I will tell you if it solve the problem.
  2. The head temperature is a different thing. The only thing you should be concerned about is the gauge on the dash. If it is not steady around the middle, your thermostat is probably damaged. Once again, it is very common thing on this engine.
  3. No,it is not. It should be around 140°C as you quoted from Bakelit79. Right now, your engine does not run at the optimal temperature, but we are in summer. When cold weather will come, the gauge will not move and you will not have heater too. You should consider to change the thermostat, this is a well known weak part of this engine.
  4. A little late but i wonder if the new thermostat is faulty too. Hello, If I remember correctly the dash diagnostic temperature is the temperature of the engine's head, the gauge is the coolant temperature. If your gauge is well below center, you probably have a bad thermostat. With the summer temperatures the temperature rise a little, but when winter will come, it will probably move only few millimeters... and no or very weak heater. One test you can do, let the engine warm up (don't move the car) and when the temperature is stable around 90°C, go for a ride. If the temperature decrease, the thermostat is gone.
  5. Hello Full timing belt kit and water pump changed and the noise is still present... It's exactly the same than this video on a 1.6 TDCI engine ( Bearing Injection pump here) I quit, i'll wait for the problems !
  6. Got my answer this morning. The timing belt tensioner is dead ! Now I have to fix this. Thanks All for your answers.
  7. The answer from the Ford guy, probably the belt tensioner bearing diying or dead... I will prepare for a full kit change. I'll probably change the two upper cat sensors and hope for the best !
  8. 153k kms from 2005 History, well not a lot after 2015... When i bought the car 3 year ago, the garage look and show me the timing belt, it was quite new and the vct pulleys were replaced after a bad oil change. So I didn't really care until now. After thougt, replacement is aster 8 years, 2013 and next 2021. I expected to do it next year. But surprise of the day, an error P0153 just popped \o/ An other part to replace! I wonder if the two things are linked ?
  9. Thanks for both your answers. I think the problem comes from the timing belt and/or the oil pump. I will probably take the car to Ford for a diagnostic. @Botus My PAS level is good and no hard point on the direction. I already checked many times all the pulleys without the belts and nothing wrong there. I also listened each component with screwdriver or crowbar and no weird noise noticed. The thermostat has been replaced 2 or 3 years ago, i'll pass on that for now 😅 I didn't try to listen at the oil pump, maybe I should... Thanks again
  10. Hello My engine make a weird noise since for few days comming from the belts side. I thought it cames from a component of the accesory belts, but unfortunately the noise is still there without the belts ! I made a video : noise comming at 20/25 sec If somebody have an idea of where it comes, or how to spot the problem. I already tryed to put a screwdriver at many place to listen but i never listen this noise, exhaust, intake, around the pulley... I'm totally lost. Any ideas/ advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. Hello, There is a problem with your code P0030A. Is it P000A or other ? What is the mileage ? I'll go with Botus for dephasers out of order (had the same problem when I bought mine). You can also check the coil plug wires. In my case I had a short and it probably killed my intake camshaft sensor. (see picture) If the second code is P000A you can try to time again the engine and if the error is still here, dephasers need to be replaced!
  12. Thank you for the answer and the information. I wasn't aware of this, my bad!
  13. Hello I've done it for my mk2 with a key bought on amazon. Seems to be the same type of key! If you want to do it yourself you need a good OBD2 device (I recommand usb device), a full version of forscan (free software) and a working key. First have the key engraved and you can find then 2 tutos on forscan website to check if the transponder's key is allright to be programmed, and program the key in your car. The operation is stressfull (because everythig can happend), but finally easy. The total cost for me was about 65€ (55£) to get a good working key and a good OBD device! 30€ just for the key and engraving.
  14. Yes. For me, it was a pain in the ***! It took me almost 3h30 to change it. You must first remove the alternator and the thermostat is just under it. After that, there is not a lot of space to grab the 4 screws... But it's doable, take your time.
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