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  1. Yeah or do it with forscan...... What we calling a mk8? Mines a 13 plate facelift and gets called a mk8 by Ford....
  2. Ign on, lights off or in auto mode Rear fog press 5 times Hazard press 5 times. Battery lamp on dash flash....ign off. Done
  3. Can't find a pinout specifically for the fiesta DDM/PDM module at the min but next time I'm in there I'll back probe and find the outputs. The front power socket turns off, the rear power socket stays on
  4. You're probably best looking on the drivers door module or passenger door modules outputs for puddle lamps for the mirrors. If your car doesn't have them you might still have the function provided it's turned on in the IPC. I'll see if I can find a pinout for the modules.
  5. Measure the voltage at the battery, really this procedure should be followed on a fully charged battery when fitting it to the car for the first time. Battery should read 12.6 - 12.7v when fully charged. Reset BMS Turn ignition to ON but do not start the car Press hazard light switch 5 times Press rear fog lamp switch 5 times Watch for battery light in IPC to flash, once it's stopped flashing turn off ignition and open drivers door. Close drivers door and ign on, start engine Procedure complete Its worth a try if you're still having issues
  6. Don't decat, some back pressure can be good, especially on turbocharged motors. If you cause a pressure dip in the turbine housing it can start leaking oil past the turbo oil seals, turbos now run high pressure oil feeds to account for the high pressure exhaust environment. You'll also loose some torque, on a 1.0l motor that's never a good thing. If you want better performance, put your money into a sports cat, it'll still flow better than the original, it'll still meet approval for MOT, It'll keep some back pressure. Then a decent manifold and resonated cat back pipe, enclosed induction pipe, FMIC and remap. Personally wouldn't bother with the induction kits since the factory airbox is more than capable! If you can weld..... eBay 252379664146 £69.99 for a universal 2" 200CPSI Sports cat Or £79.99 for a 2.5" If you cant, there are options on eBay for around £450
  7. It's normal If you buy it however and it has a DPF I would recommend getting a catch can. Soot doesn't fill DPFs, it's the small amounts of oil that get combusted from the ***** poor recirculation system. I also made a drain hole in the bottom of my intercooler; to drain it at services intervals
  8. I personally drop 1l out and refill with 1l diesel, drive round the block, low revs, low load. Drop the lot out, leave the bung out and tip 1l fresh diesel in.....allow to drain for 5mins (***** break) Bung cheap oil in -5w/30(low saps) from home bargains £14 A pop- Drive round the block(low revs, low load) Drop that + change filter then refill with Magnatec 5w/40 C3 dexos2 ...... A5 is specified but C3 is better for diesels. First time I did a flush as above I got loads of lumps of carbon out and my oil pressure at the turbo banjo shot up to 2.3bar at idle from 1.6bar (hot) 6.1bar at idle from 5.0bar (cold) I had a special banjo bolt made with a 1/8npt thread in the top for my pressure sensor fitment. I don't know if these later 8v motors will prove to be as unreliable as the older 16v counterparts but given that they use a similar EGR system I wouldn't be surprised to find it's a carbon muncher. I'm taking no chances! I keep the oil crystal clear and monitor oil pressure.
  9. The system allows a certain amount of overboost, provided some variables are met. Ambient temps Inlet temps Exhaust temps (pre and post) Fuel temp Engine coolant temp Electrical load Are just some of the variables that are monitored. For instance My 1.6 tdci will be like a rocket until it warms up, then it dials the fuel and boost back to prevent overheats. It's a little different due to it being diesel but it's the same principal
  10. If you can get in there you can buy replacement LEDS or make a t10 holder 👍🏻 Yes, you can take multiple feeds from one wire l, provided it doesn't pop the factory spec fuse 👍🏻
  11. Yeah I've come to realise that the systems are very buggy......thanks to Microsoft 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙃 I think you may be right, battery off+system total power loss for 30 mins or so then reboot.....