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  1. chesnie

    Fiesta Zetec Climate 57 Nut Torque

    Hi Stef, Thank you for your reply. The 6 pieces of the washer jacket had broken off before my Dad even got the last nut off. So the round part of the washer and the last nut didn’t even come off. He was gobsmacked that it fell apart so he hasn’t even finished it! He’s pretty annoyed about it because we live in rural Lincolnshire and now I can’t get about. Thank you for the torque setting. His torque wrench doesn’t go to 235 so he needs to get a new one too. 🤯
  2. Good afternoon, My Dad (usually the handiest of fellas) has been looking at my back drum brakes this afternoon. He has removed the passenger side rear hub nut and the outer jacket has disintegrated. Upon investigation it would appear these are so supposed to be replaced everytime they are removed anyway but of course nowhere is open to get on from until Tuesday. 😩 Anyway, the manual doesn’t confirm the torque for these nuts so if anyone could kindly advise that would be great. Thank you