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  1. Be careful Dave, mine went between one tone and two, then suddenly no horn at all.
  2. Wizzo


    Have you checked the connections? Probably best to remove bulb and connector and test it.
  3. Mines a Titanium rather than a Sport. But the rear bumper has a recovery threaded hole.
  4. Having decided, after 3+ years of ownership, that I like the look of those that have upgraded their bulbs, I today fitted some. If it’s of any interest, I opted for the KaTur H7’s after reading that the fixing ring detaches and is fitted behind the spring before then mounting the LED bulb itself. Because of this, the whole job can be done in a few minutes without the need to remove the headlights. Only time will tell if the actual bulbs are any good.
  5. Hi Have you checked the water for screenwash? My whole floor got soaked due to a hose leak.
  6. Wizzo


    Did the same early in the year, great tyre which never missed a beat when the snow hit.
  7. Great write up Dave and I agree with all you say. I have had a few issues my self, but nearing having the car for two years and previous cars (mainly Land/Range Rovers) only lasting a year says a lot!
  8. Etis shows mine as 230PS, and mine is a 16 model (66plate) so it’s not only recent ones!
  9. Wizzo

    Brake Fluid

    Yep, know exactly what you mean. I shine a torch from the opposite side to check.
  10. Just came across this. Answers our questions.
  11. Wizzo

    Limp mode

    After having the spanner appear, with similar symptoms, it was just the fuel filter that needed changing. (My problem was in extreme cold though)
  12. Wizzo


    Ok, I was being light footed but even so, I’m impressed
  13. Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to explain and show pictures. 👍👍