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  1. egr removed and fully cleaned but back on car still same issue tested the fuel pressure regulator on the pump that is working fine new map sensor fitted so its ha a map sensor maf sensor crank sensor is there an electronic fuel shut off of any kind on this car ??? the egr error has gone infact all codes have gone except p1000 obd cycle not completed c1310 brake hydrolic pressure transducer front left wheel circuit failure i dont see how these are relivant to the no start issue im having i double checked the injector programming wrecking my brain here trying to get this thing back running
  2. ok so i reprogrammed the injectors just incase still not starting so i went into some other diagnostic scan options on my autocom and got the following codes e was more codes These codes did not show on the standard diagnostic check
  3. apparently he checked the injectors they all work but he had someone test with a scope and there firing in a funny sequence which is why he got the new ecu kit as there supposed to self learn there codes still wont start and no injector obd codes showing only code that appears intermittently is map sensor
  4. ok so i bought a ford monedo 2.0l tdci off a friend as it died on him and he couldnt get it running again. work he had done after it died crank shaft sensor, cam shaft sensor, new ecu kit, fuel rail pressure checked and good all fuses checked all good. i have checke dthe car over and everything says it should be running what am i missing as most parts to blame have been replaced has anyone got any suggestions ??? apparently he was driving home one day and it just cut out