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  1. radio 4000 code needed

    cheers Dezwez
  2. radio 4000 code needed

    hi all, i got help the last time i asked this question but unfortunately the radio wasnt working so got an other one but need the code, the serial number is M 303919 thanks for any help
  3. anyone ellse own a 1.4

    I have been told theres to many modifications between the 1.8 and the 1.6 to change the engines about
  4. Siezed spark plug

    try a few drops of clean engine oil around the spark plug hole leave it to soak in then use a ring spanner on the t bar off the spark plug socket to give you more leverage.
  5. Milage Helpppppp!!!

    what about a mileage correction specialist who will have the right softwear to adjust the mileage for you,
  6. Code for Radio 4000

    i was going to go today to a scrappy but it was to wet lol.
  7. Code for Radio 4000

    Thanks artscot79 for the info about the keys, ive found another few things about the car since he bought it, The n/s/f dipped headlight bulb has gone when I went to change it I removed the headlight and found these pins holding the silver reflector in place, looks like they are there to aim the reflector beam as the headlight hasn't got a motor for the beam, the headlight has been changed at some point and I wonder if there was a focus model which came without the motorised beam as the o/s/f headlight has a motor fitted to it .
  8. Code for Radio 4000

    Thanks guys both your suggestions worked unfortunately the radio seems knackerd the volume button doesnt work, but thanks anyway
  9. Code for Radio 4000

    Doing more search on how to unlock a locked 10 radio 4000, i found a other link on how to unlock it i will try it tonight and see how i get on,
  10. Code for Radio 4000

    Hi thanks for the replies. The plot thickings i found a link on how to unlock (locked 10) the radio but it says use the red key. The only keys he got with the car were a blue key and a remote key with no colour , i tried both keys in the ignition but it was unsucessful. So my next question is how many keys should there be with the car, again thanks for any help
  11. Code for Radio 4000

    Hi all, my nephew has just bought a 52 focus but the radio is locked, i need the code if any one can help the serial number is M 286406. Also if the radio is locked would he need to leave the radio on for a hour to unlock it , Thanks for any help