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  1. Mine is previous model ecoboost but I think the pump could be in same location. First locate the turbo and follow the lower coolant pipe/hose from the turbo downwards. The electric coolant pipe is there. It's pretty close to the radiator.
  2. There should be instructions on how to update sync1. It was a long ago but when I updated mine (car is 2014/2015 mk7.5 Fiesta) I had to edit some text file to make things work. I quickly glanced through that topic and it seemed there are the same instructions I followed.
  3. I'm a chemist and I've calculated that at least in Finland I'll always lose a bit of money when using RON98 gas instead of RON95 but since Ecoboosts are direct injection engines using better fuel means less carbon deposits. Here the price difference is about 4-6 per cent and the better fuel gives less Thant that better mileage. And the effectiveness of the gasoline has been calculated theoretically so technically it should be the best possible addition to the mileage possible.
  4. I wouldn't compare diesel and Ecoboost engines. I got 125 bhp Ecoboost and I live in Finland. Only times when my engine doesn't get into 4 bars is when it's really cold outside (-20 to -30 degrees). And even then it gets there occasionally and then drops black to 3 bars depending on which gear I use. Maybe my engine has different thermostats suitable for cold climate or your engine has a faulty thermostat. I've seen a few cases where a thermostat has failed in an Ecoboost engine.
  5. You don't really notice the windscreen warming when it's on. When there is plenty of ice in the windscreen it takes few minutes to warm it up a little so you can a scrape the ice away easily but it doesn't melt the ice completely. Just so that it's easier to get off. The idle revs do take a small dip when you turn the heated windscreen on.
  6. My Fiesta is 4 years old and I've had it for 1,5 years now. Just a tiny bit of rust in turbo cooling pipe (which I'm going to deal with by painting the pipes next summer) but otherwise it's been faultless. Driven 40 000 km since I bought it. Also it's really fun to drive, the engine is really good. Don't know how long it will last but so far so good. I got the 125 bhp version.
  7. Installed h7 led bulbs from car enhancements UK. They were straight fit (tight but still) and I needed to order the dust covers with them since the original ones are too small. The light colour is more white/blue so in some situations they seem less bright than the best Philips or Osram bulbs but usually they do their job nicely and they are actually brighter than the best h7 available.
  8. I live in Finland where is deep winter now. My tailgate button is frozen and covered by snow. The double press to unlock is valuable in this situation 🙂
  9. So you should try to pinpoint the exact thing that is resonating there shouldn't you ? I mean is it the fuel pump making the noise or something near it ?
  10. Find out the correct fuse in the fusebox behind glove compartment and disconnect it for a moment. There is a dedicated fuse for sync if I remember correctly.
  11. Check this out:
  12. You don't need the Spotify Sync app to use Spotify with your cars bluetooth. I had the same fate as you and I just started using the normal bluetooth connection. I don't think it's a big deal that you can't use the sync apps laggy controls to change playlists etc.. You can change them in your phone and then use the steering wheel buttons to change songs and control volume. Shouldn't that be enough anyway? Just connect your phone and turn on Spotify. Then just click aux button a couple of times and you'll get the music from Spotify.
  13. It should get to 4 bars. Mine has 4 bars even in -15 degrees Celsius temp.
  14. Okay, time for an update. Currently at 59 000 km (36 660 miles). So far the car has been working flawlessly. Fiesta mk7.5 2014 Ecoboost 125bhp.