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  1. Well done 👍 Did it look like a factory joint or a bodged home lashup as going from green/yellow to a red wire sounds like a bodge.
  2. Plenty of self-help videos on YouTube on how to service your calipers. You can buy caliper seal kits from Bigg Red (and others) Top tip: (tell your dad)... don't use 12-sided sockets to remove the caliper frame bolts, instead buy a set of 6-sided impact sockets from Halfords. That way you won't be rounding off the bolts. (which are very tight)
  3. That's a major problem. the leakoff pipe will draw air into the fuel return pipes and fuel filter, and suddenly you'll have an airlock in the fuel pipes... I know, 'cos it happened on my Mondeo TDCi. Had to be towed home. Investigate WHY the leakoff pipe doesn't stay in place* and check the O rings are good too. *there's 2 different types, the earlier one is a sort of collar that slips over injector, and the later one is a hinged clip. (mind you, that's on the Delphi system, yours might be Bosch)
  4. Here it is, just for interest as unfortunately it wasn't resolved.
  5. Dunno if it applies to your engine, but my duratorq Mondy has 2 'stats, one for the obvious and one for the oil cooler, and it's usually the latter one that causes overcooling. But it's far too cold atm to be messing with coolants!
  6. There was someone recently on a forum tried that, and the chip in their new ebay sourced key wasn't in a glass enclosure, and it wouldn't program. Not sure if they ever resolved it either... I'll try and find a link to it.
  7. After my central locking started to randomly activate, I invested in a chipless key which I could use just to open the door, in fact I bought 2. The wife keeps one. The other I keep in my trouser pocket. Timpsons do 'em, they also do programmed keys, but you'd have to enquire.
  8. Did you charge it for long enough. 11.9 sounds like a dead cell tho'... 🤔
  9. Have a look under the gearbox, at where it joins to the engine, see if any brake fluid is dropping out... if it is, then the slave cylinder is poorly.
  10. Look on the bright side tho'.... more breakers yard spare parts for mk3 owners! 👍
  11. Haven't you had enough advice on that other thread you've got running? My own feeling is, don't surrender your car (and bank account) to this garage.... Get a 2nd opinion. How about this Paislsy guy ALEX.S above has mentioned?
  12. Buy yourself a battery charger and don't drive it till its had a good charge. Then clear the codes and take it for a nice drive in the countryside, and keep off motorways for the time being.
  13. 1stly, a 'sniff test' generally identifies a blown head gasket, tho' easier to detect on a petrol than a diesel. You can buy a sniff test kit £20 ish, just look on ebay. A big garage would surely be able to do a pressure test..without removing the engine and sending it somewhere else . anyway, they just want to take you to the cleaners as they're used to billing business drivers. My advise, as car is driveable is find a garage which can do a pressure test or buy yourself a sniff test kit. Perhaps have the coolant changed 1st (proper Ford stuff you mix 50/50 with water... I use deionised myself. And as has already been mentioned before, head gasket blown on a diesel is unheard of, unless you've got a cracked cylinder head 'cos the antifreeze was too weak and it froze in the engine. However, Ford antifreeze has a 10 year life
  14. Don't forget that YOU'LL have trouble selling it on too.. 🤔