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  1. I've just had a look in my Haynes, and for the estate it says 'release the bump stop from the crossmember then withdraw it together with the coil spring from under the vehicle' Here's a pic from catcar of the crossmember with the bumpstop (or is it the top mount? ) shown with its mounting bolts. Anyway, looks like the crossmember part number is 1208358, maybe worth doing an ebay search using 'Ford 1208358' as the search string, or trying a few breakers yards, but note that its the estate part you're after, breakers might assume Hatch/saloon and estate all use a subframe, (they mig
  2. Surest way is to remove them and inspect them closely, squeeze and twist them... Most likely ones to split are close to egr that get hottest. (the rubber outer splits, but the mesh lining holds it together, so its not obvious there's anything wrong)
  3. I'd go for something simple first...check your boost pipes for possible splits, which are quite hard to detect as they tend to close up except under boost pressure.
  4. Where to start.... are you getting any white smoke out of exhaust? If yes, then likely to be head gasket, a garage should be able to do a pressure test, or a sniff test to detect traces of hydrocarbons in the coolant (tho harder to detect in a diesel), or you can buy a sniff test kit online. Are you getting heat from the heater... if not, then I'd suggest water pump.. as its tucked away you probably won't see a leak, and the coolant is probably drying up as if leaks out, so you won't see any tell-tale drips.
  5. Dunno mate, but you are aware that it's an mot fail without a cat....?
  6. Cambelt(s) - some have 2! and the 2nd cambelt is expensive to change, so as I don't know that engine, hopefully someone else on tbe forum will fill in the blanks, but budget in the price of a cambelt(s) change unless they have documentary proof it or they have been done..a snapped cambelt = engine write-off
  7. Hi, read the last entry in this thread (Baldrick's) for an idea on that block of wood. Also, the rubber puck with a groove is OK, but don't make it too deep or it will split... but anyway consider them as a consumable and have a few spare ones, they aren't expensive anyway. https://talkford.com/community/topic/135466-mk3-jacking-point/
  8. Throttle position sensor.... So is that part of the accelerator pedal...?
  9. .... so check fuse f7 for starters... 🤔
  10. Well, your car is 14 years old! The a/c code might be a relay, the door lock code might be a door lock module, try googling the codes ie Ford+code and have a trawl though the results.... sorry can't be specific! Let us know how you get on! 👍
  11. These errors might be historic, (there's no timestamps) so if you issue a clear error, do they come back once cleared? Also, what is happening to your Mondeo?
  12. Well done for your persistence and research. 👍👍
  13. A Google search came up with this... https://shop.ford.co.uk/products/retractable-tow-bar-5
  14. Forget the manufacturers number... go by Ford's part number, known as a finis code, 7 digits long. You get this from www.catcar.info, enter your vin and look at the parts database for your own car's build. Then drill down thro' the various drawings till you find your part and the finis code. Then you need to use that code to order or search online for your part.
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