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  1. Either call in at your local Ford main dealer with the vin or reg and ask at the parts desk, or look for yourself on, you'll need the vin for that also. You'll find it on a sticker on the driver's door pillar.
  2. Hi, the leakoff pipes have O rings on them where they go into the injectors. If you get just one O ring not sealing right, then air gets into the fuel pipe system and causes what you're experiencing. Inspect the green O rings carefully, I think some ebay sellers do replacements. Also, the fuel pipe O rings on the connectors to the fuel filter can get damaged but I've only personally experienced the leak-off pipe problem. btw, you need diesel-proof ones, not 'normal' black O rings.
  3. What, you want to try and mod your car to take an electronic actuator instead of the vacuum one? (not possible) Or do you want to hopefully transplant your vacuum actuator onto the new turbo? I think the lever has a different throw amount but you could try asking same question on, drill down to Mondeo mk3 diesel
  4. Hi, on the mk3, the temp sensor is on the back of the fuel pump.. I assume it's the same on the MK4. So, when you replaced the fuel pump you introduced a new temp sensor. If you've still got the old one, can you swap em over?
  5. Hi George, does this link help you at all?
  6. As above, when was the last time you ROUTINELY checked the coolant level.? From now on until the problem is resolved check the level diligently and regularly. Carry a container of mixed coolant with you on case you need to top it up whilst out. Often, the coolant pump is a source of the leak, if you can, take a look below the pump for any dried-up antifreeze deposits.
  7. Check all the earths, esp. those underneath the battery and holder. You're looking for corrosion and loose fixings.
  8. If you really can't open it, ever, then you'll have to destroy the door card to get to the door lock mechanism to operate it. You sure that a hard tug at the outer door handle doesn't do it?
  9. I'm thinking firstly to find the Ford part numbers, known as finis codes, of the items you're after. Looking on will help there. Then, do some online searches for nos items using those finis codes. 2ndly, some websites let you set up alerts for car parts or even whole cars, so look at doing that also. I'm NOT a Facebook person myself, but there are Ford marketplaces on there to explore too. also has a 'parts wanted' section and also a whole forum for MK1/2 Mondeo's for you to try your luck in.
  10. Sounds like a very stiff turbo needing lots of pressure to spin.
  11. Hi Engin, have you had a sniff test on it? This detects if there's exhaust gases getting into the coolant due to a head gasket failure.. The kits can be bought quite cheaply on ebay and all good garages should have one anyway.
  12. Hi, the colder morning start makes sense as the rubber pipes will be stiffer and need more boost pressure to. open up a split until thoroughly warmed up again... and they do get hot.
  13. Sounds like the classic case of a boost pipe having a split in it..The rubber pipes have a mesh lining that holds the split together until a certain boost pressure forces it open, resulting in loss of boost, hence the juddering. Splits can be quite elusive and sometimes its easier to remove the pipes completely to check them, but any oil on the surface is a tell-tale sign of a split.