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  1. Rear seat swap options?

    I'm considering replacing the rear seats since the middle one has a large, stubborn and very obvious stain in it. Before I go replace it with another poverty trim bit, I was wondering if any seats from anything else might fit it. I know the fiesta ones don't, but I was wondering if Mk1 Focus ST or similar seats might fit.
  2. Ford Fusion Owners?

    It's an 02 fusion 1, iirc the cheapest model going at the time. Its not got any of the optional features, it's got the 4500 radio, steel wheels, the most uncomfortable poverty trim seats known to mankind and has the 1.4TDCI. The 185s were definitely standard though, if I type the reg into tyre calculator it gives me 185/60/15 as the tyre size all round which is what ive got and it's what's in the manual too.
  3. Ford Fusion Owners?

    It's probably either my car or my driving then, and since I've seen my Grandad, the only other owner, do the exact same thing(the car fails to hold the inside of any two lane roundabout going more than about 20-30mph) I'm willing to bet it's the car. Then again, it's got cheap 185s on steels which is unlikely to help it much, so I'll maybe get some better ones and see if it is my driving to blame(spoiler: it probably is). Both my gran and grandad complained about this cars brakes being weak ever since they got it and the cars probably on its 4th set of brakes. They just put up with it though. Although I'm a very new driver I have to agree since the brakes are nowhere near as good as the two cars I learned in(a Kia Ce'ed and a Mini One).
  4. Ford Fusion Owners?

    I've got an 02 Fusion 1 with the 1.4TDCI. I replaced the drivers seat with an ST seat, and I'm getting rid of it when my insurance year is up. The lack of power doesn't bother me at all, but the chronic understeer and the useless brakes bother me quite a lot. Why they insisted on slapping fiesta brakes on a car 200lbs heavier and a good few inches higher than it is beyond me.