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  1. Parking Sensors - no visual display

    Thanks @volts I do have front sensors. A few people have told me there is no visual display on the 2010 model, only audible beeps with the front sensors having a higher pitched tone than the rear sensors. I think this is something I'm just going to have to get used to. However, I'm not liking the aftermarket stereo I have (too basic) so I'm now looking at options that will at a minimum work with steering wheel controls, and if possible, show up on the convers+ display.
  2. I've just bought a 2010 S-Max Titanium and noticed that the parking sensors work (audibly) but there isn't any display on the Convers + dashboard. Should there be? It would certainly be useful to know where the obstacles I've got close to is as it beeps away at me. The car has an aftermarket stereo, so the convers + only has trip and settings displayed, so I'm wondering if maybe there's been a fitting error of the radio. Any helpful suggestions greatly appreciated.
  3. Saying Hello

    Hey So I'm David, and thought I'd just say a quick hello as I'm new here. Just bought a 2010 S-Max Titanium. 3 kids and a dog meant we needed the 7seats. Looked at all the models (Zafira, Touran, etc) and decided the S-Max was our best option, but our finances couldn't stretch to the nice new vignale that we really wanted!! Nevermind, although 8yrs old, and not far off 80,000 miles in, it seems like a pretty tidy car, well looked after and hopefully just as reliable as the 2yr old Hyundai i40 Premium we've just traded in. I'm sure over the next few weeks I'll be here searching for answers on a variety of things so as to get my head around the car, but in the mean time HELLO 👋