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  1. wilsonpil

    Why my titanium a bit difference?

    I believe those were a cost option. when I looked at a fiesta it had them on so looked into this and found that they were a cost option
  2. wilsonpil

    Coolant reservoir cap stuck

    I see the spring as pinged away too. I had this one mine, I just took two screwdrivers to it and lifted it out bit by bit, it came out. I bought two replacements after seeing a few caps have done this. Not sure on cracking on mine, just dug the bit out.
  3. wilsonpil

    Ford Fiesta 1.6tdci remap, Advice please !

    Putting any mapping on that increases bhp can cause problems. I’ve had mine done from 95 to approx 120, but had the mapping altered to fade in, so it doesn’t just all come alive at once so not to put too much stress on the components. It is the same to drive as it was before at low revs/speed but if you need more uuuumph and put your foot down a bit it sure moves along. Mpg is better, as I found it didn’t feel like it at motorway speeds and mpg fell a little. I’ve got about 7 mpg extra driving back home after mapping and was liking the extra power and playing, so may get more when just driving it normally, but that’s down to individual driving habits. Hope this may help a little but I’m sure you will like the extra power.