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  1. Fiesta Self-Service?

    Thanks ever so much guys :D You see with the spark plugs. I changed them myself just in the summer because at the service they never did. Turns out they were in the car since the beginning! I stumbled upon it because I had a missfire in the 4th cylinder. They were so old and brittle that the insulation broke and dropped over the cathode. :/ Thanks for all your help :) I think with you guys my fiesta will run for a long time :)
  2. Fiesta Self-Service?

    wow! Thanks so much da! It's going to be easier than I thought!
  3. Fiesta Self-Service?

    Hi, Since I'm not happy with how dealerships and shops deal with repair work here in Austria (bunch of frauds and scams going on) I'm considering servicing my Fiesta myself. It's a 2010 1.25L 60 HP straight 4 with around 42000ks on it (was an old ladies car wich I got around 3 years ago with 6000ks on it, she never really drove it), I'm sure you all know it :D. Now, I know how to do most of the mechanical work and am comfortable with reading my cars errors via the OBDII port, the only thing that bothers me is: I don't know what they do at each service rather than checking the oil, maybe the head gasket and scan it. Now here is my question: Does anyone know what has to be done at a yearly service of a fiesta? Thanks a lot. :D
  4. ! Guide ! Mk7 Dash Hidden Storage

    Hi, sry to sound stupid but i've never heard of this hack... Could anyone please post some pictures? Might cobsider doing it just don't quite know how it is supposed to work